Thursday, July 14, 2005


---well, I experienced such a thing just today. There is a thing called that. Most mistakes are "negative", something is done wrong, ommitted, by mistake.

Today at Georgia belle, the senior residence, I sat down to my dinner at 5PM. They serve dinner there 2 times a week. The very very favorite dinner is Catfish. The least fav is something called "chicken dumplings".
So tonight I sat down to the dumplings and the room was only half filled, usually standing room only for that fish dinner as one has to sign up by 11 AM, after seeing the menu.
So here it comes, the server comes with


"a mistake" she says, "they sent the wrong meal!"

so this, sports fans, is what I call a "positive mistake"! This is where something GOOD happens by mistake.

I can think of another one!
---a lady comes huffing and running up to the city bus just as it pulls away from the
bus stop and the bus is late, very late, over 10 minutes late. She has bags
on her bags and she must be carrying 50lbs of groceries. Tis 95 degrees out there and this stop is out in the naked noon Florida sun! tis another hour till the next bus, good thing she caught it!
then I remember....
I recalled that *this* is the lady who complains about how late the afternoon, and noon, busses are, in this city. Rants. Raves.
endlessly, to all who can bear her.
I then told her as she sweatedly sat down, "just think, ma'am, if that bus were on time like you want it to be, you would have about 50 minutes to broil medium well done
out there in that sun, with that ice cream that I see that you have in one of those bags!"
I often, myself, have caught the bus only because it was LATE!

This is what I mean by "positive mistakes"! Too too many of us only note the negative mistakes, we do not see the favors "of the Gods" in our favor!
Often there are "Angels unawares" helping us, Angels from the Holy Spirit, and that we do not know, we think that our good fortune was only an accident!
we complain, we gripe. Maybe one should stop and ponder when a mistake occurs that helps us enjoy life better, and give Thanks!