Monday, July 18, 2005


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of georgia belle. Empty seats, the smokers are not here now. they have more fresh air than the non smokers, as they have to sit outdoors!
Many retirees sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
Note how the shadow of one of the lights hangs over one of the seats! The juxtiposition of a ceiling light, with yet another shadow of a light on the door, give this peacefull scene a kind of sense of Mystery! Note too, how all three lights, or the shadows of lights, make an equal-sided triangle!
I might even infer, since this senior apartment is managed by a church organization, that the "Holy Trinity", of the three lights, means that the Holy Spirit is In Charge, and everything, here, with the residents, Is OK, and *will* be OK, for the rest of their short lives and for their lives in heaven also.
Thus a Pause, waiting for the Undertaker to come and collect everyone, one by one. But each and all are in Good hands as [1] God helps on earth, the physical light, [2] The Lord helps with one's inner life, the shadow of the light on the door, and [3] God is Objective, in heaven, the sun-cast shadow of the light on the wall, and He will Take you Home!