Tuesday, July 12, 2005


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of georgia belle. Empty seats, the smokers are not here now. they have more fresh air than the non smokers, as they have to sit outdoors!
Many retirees sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
There is often a man who is sitting there, about 7.30 am, as I am leaving for the morning, I ask him how he is doing, and he replies that
he is "doing a little ok"! Probably he lost his wife years ago. he has his walker, he cannot get around to well. he is not a reader or a computer/internet person. I would guess that he was an engineer, at best; maybe a blue collar worker of high rank. everything, for him, is physical and litteral. no imagination. worked all of his Great Depression/WW II life.
now there is no more working, he is a one trick horse that has done its trick. He is Waiting at the Bus Stop for the hearse to come by to pick him up, i fear!

there are millions just like him...
my advice: develop non-physical talants so that you can enjoy your later "rockingchair" years!