Friday, July 22, 2005

A touching experience, I had, yesterday, with someone at my senior residence, Georgia belle. I was asked to help someone with his new laptop that a relative gave to him. Probably a old laptop.

I have talked with him before, but I have not been in his room for months. He tends to like to be alone, I rarely see him to converse.

I entered his room to see his six diplomas on the wall over his desk. He must have
degree after degree. He was an educator all of his life, with a list of titles after his name that read "impressive"!

the laptop. There is no manual. We got it turned on.

I was struck by how utterly UTTERLY clueless he was as to how to use it!
Oh, he is 80 to 84 years old, surely there are "issues" with mental lessening or alzeimers, I wondered. I saw his pile of papers over an inch thick, his books that he is writing, I saw that his desk is covered with books that he is reading.
not a problem with mental deterioration!

he could not "get it" as to how to turn it on or off. There was a touchplate where he moved his finger on it to move the cursor. Even when I held his hand and moved it, he could not understand how to move this cursor.

a five year old boy would learn this laptop far far better than he, for me to help him would be like of me trying to teach a dog to use a laptop!


He has spent all of his life in the Academic world, teaching and counseling. His IQ
must have been over 140. A man of Letters and Books and Philosophy.


Reminds me of the tale of the explorer who took pictures of a native Indian family deep in the Brazil rainforest, them in front of their hut, with his Polaroid camera. They could NOT see the hut or themselves in the photo, as the photo was a two dimensional image! They could not neologically handle a two dimensional image.
Thus same with this man with computers. I see this a LOT at Georgia belle. I try to help otherwise very intelligent people with their computers and I find it near hopeless: IQ 130 people who are really "IQ 40" with computers as they lived all of their lives without them.

there was one lady, the other week, who told me that she REFUSES to get a computer!
she told me that all of the distant relatives has computers and if she got one all of her relatives would now send to her e-mail letters
INSTEAD of hand written letters! I had to agree with her 100%!

the great Divide.