Thursday, July 21, 2005

snow at court

snow at court, originally uploaded by DJOtaku.

just when you feel SO hot!
Cornell campus, ithaca new york. On top of a 400 foot high hill facing the 60 mile long cayuga lake, to the northwest. Did I tell you about the WIND?! i lived there, grew up there, on a high hill prarie overlooking the lake and i could see the stadium from
my back yard 20 miles away.

30 mph?
40 mph?
60MPH! at times. somtimes with a temp of 10 [fareignheit, NOT celsus!]

take a walk across campus anyone, at 30 mph and 10 above?

there was a road just west of my Interlaken that ran north south. *everything* leaned to the east, the barn, the powerpoles, the plants, the grass, the fences, even me! the wind never stops.