Wednesday, July 20, 2005

---a ltter to a morrowind game forum.

thanks.....The Adult High level Functioning Autism support group, that
I sometimes attend, often the members think in pictures and use "different' ways of communicating.

of COURSE this is why probably i did not read the readme
for that mod that has the rock music in it. when i play a game, not only do i not read the game manual, but i have to play awhile before reading up on the keyboard layout!

vague desciptions of something, in a game manual, or in a readme, i cannot IMAGE, i cannot make an image of it until i have the physical counterpart before me first.
One of the reasons why i "delayed" playing morrowind so long, is that I would find it uterly utterly hopeless to try to read the readme for each mod just to find the place to go to start the mod and its quests!
Thus i tend to just wander about the scenery.

here is an example of the positiveness that is of autism!

---I enter an ice cream shop. 50 flavors. i see a couple reading the volumenious menu board, trying to choose a flavor. I, myself, walk up to the row of open freezers where each ice cream box is open and i can see the ice cream. someboxes are "old", i can see that the only ice cream that is left is a refrozen pile at the bottom.
I order from a fresh opned box.
then the couple come over and order by word. they get one of the old boxes, maybe it sat next to the onions for awhile, in the back, too!
so they eat the WORD "cherry vanillia", as i can see that their choice
*must* surely reek of onions and that perrenial "anti-favorite taste, "old refridgerator"!
---but i eat ice cream, not a word, my ice cream tastes very very good, thank you!

for too too many people, the *word* is the reality, not the "thing" behind it!