Friday, July 15, 2005

Ithaca Festival Parade 2005

Ithaca Festival Parade 2005, originally uploaded by Stef Noble.

[bar, pub]

Uploaded on June 3, 2005
by Stef Noble

I like that!

it is also still there!

when i was 10, or so, my mother took me from the Interlaken small town that i grew up in, to Ithaca for the dentist or doctor and there it was, the Rooster. It was over a bar then, as now...
As i grew older and often came back and eventually lived in Ithaca in the 70s, it was delapidated. they eventually fixed it up, i saw it back in its glory about the middle 90s when i lived in my hometown for four years.
My town is so small that they buid a new house every 10 years, in 1993, they had just built one!
Interlaken is the Home of the twilight Zone.
Rod Serling wrote his stories there, at his nearby lakeside cottage, he often went to Redman's
to buy groceries and to check his mail.