Sunday, July 03, 2005

I heard a, for me, an eye opening statement, from a senior, at my senior residence, the other day! She must be about 65 or 68, in good health and of a good mind.

she happened to tell me that "I do not ever want to learn how to use a computer or to have one in my room"!

I asked her why.

she replied, "If I were to have a computer, why all of my relatives, and they all have computers, they will send to me their mails by E-mail, instead
of hand written letters! I feel that a real letter has much MUCH more character
to it than e-mail, the heft, the feel, and the writing"!

I feel she is right.
thus, for many seniors, I would agree. Never to learn computer skills if they want a real handwritten letter mailed to them by their relatives who live far far away and cannot come in person!

there is always something to be said for the "opposition" I have learned. Nothing is ever ever "100% vs 0% in rightness or truth!
or ugliness or badness!