Tuesday, July 12, 2005


---from the Tallahassee Democrat paper.

Posted on Tue, Jul. 12, 2005

Bush's way with words is maddening

By Eugene Robinson


The Bush administration's relationship with the English language, I confess, just drives me up the wall. How can these people be so comically doofus with the language one minute and so brilliantly Orwellian the next?

President Bush's misadventures with the dictionary are legendary, and they're the gift that keeps on giving. Asked recently what kind of Supreme Court nominee he would choose, he ventured to explain that he didn't want a judicial activist. But he lost the trail of bread crumbs, and what came out was that he wanted someone who "strictly constructs the Constitution."

The document was constructed some time ago; unless the president was speaking Middle English, he meant "construes," which is what a strict constructionist does. Then again, he does seem to have some sort of Erector Set fixation these days - witness his recent assertion that the imprisoned evildoers at Guantanamo are "people that had been trained, in some instances, to disassemble." Before you could wonder where they were getting their hands on the screwdrivers and wrenches, he added, "That means not tell the truth."

No it doesn't, Mr. President. But never mind.

Of course, the president's father waged his own battle against the tyranny of syntax and the dictatorship of grammar. His fumbles became a running gag on "Saturday Night Live" and even prompted gentle gibes from his peers: Once, the president of Uruguay welcomed George Bush the First to Montevideo and, as the two leaders stood together, the Uruguayan told reporters he would "answer any questions in my broken English, which is, of course, our common language."

George W., however, makes his father sound like Seneca. He hasn't received the same kind of ribbing from other world leaders, but maybe they're afraid they might provoke an invasion or something.


--to me, the reason why he fumbles is obvious!

look at his astrological chart!
I did, once. He not only has sun in cancer, he has Saturn there too!
[ http://www.astrodatabank.com/NM/BushGeorgeW.htm
...For anyone who is interested, Bush's chart!]

I ought to Know, I have sun in cancer, moon in Leo, ruled by cancer, with mercury and Venus in cancer, all of my inner stuff of planets!

words are not real! I do not think in words, I think in images.
too...The backbone is on the outside, the crab shell! If you took a cancer person to
one of those encounter groups where all ego defenses are to be taken away, all you would have is a three month old
thus I can see very very well that bush would just reiterate all of the old
chestnuts of the past, he needs that past history like a turtle needs his shell.
of course he takes everything so so personally, ie....The war against Saddam!
If he did not have Venus and mercury in Leo, in the first house, he would might have just stayed on his ranch all of his life and took care of his mother until she died!

no words.
they are foreign to a cancer, at least to me. This is one reason why I go up to a ice cream counter and LOOK at the ice cream in the containers, whereas 80%
of everyone else looks at the menu and decides what ice cream to order and then they eat the word "cherry vanilla"! The cherry vanilla might be just where the ice cream is nearly gone, only two inches left at the bottom of the box and all melted and refroze, and has picked up the flavor of old onions!
[a word is not the object!]
if it were not for my one air planet in 1st house, I might have well stayed home
to take care of MY mother!