Saturday, July 16, 2005

hi all...

my other post on this topic got me to further ponder this.

why is it, on these Boards, and on the internet, and down the block, there are so so so many psychic people who foresee that God is going to punish us all for our sins, by causing either some disaster, or having the end times occur outright, with a 99% kill rate!

---"you will burn in fire for your homo sins"
---america will see a great depression soon, because we all are so
"living high off of the hog"!
---Los angels will fall into the sea, too too much sex, there"!
---[fill in the blank with the one that you know of.....!]

Few people, who are God loving, God worshipping, can deal with the possibility that God would kill off 00% of humanity all at once, or even
cause san francisco to become sunk.
God Loves....
God is love....

never mind that God is the Cirruculum Director of the human race, and what He might choose for us, we all might cringe on!
[a second grader cannot deal with the principal's Plans for the kids in the 12th grade!]

It is our human nature to try to see the Meanings in everything: that everything HAS a reason for happening.

Take that tidal wave in Asia! would God plan that one?
no one can probably deal with a "benovolent loving God, causing this.
the ball then passess back to US! something must be wrong with us and thus there is a "punishment" for our actions.

naturally, the psychic who Sees a whole nation going up in flames, that vision is SO shocking that this lady has trouble handling what she saw!
It is the Human Nature to find reasons that are rational, for such a nation to collectively die.
Thus this pysychic "rummages" around in her "basement" her subcounscious mind, and what ever
complex she has trouble dealing with, *this* is surely what must be wrong!

If a clairvoyant man sees an earthquake tear up a resort city and he has Homo issues, he might well indeed feel that the sinfull gay life must have caused a reaction from God!

[i recall hearing about a cemetary, in southern illionois, in the 80s, when i lived there. my counselor told me the story of one of the tombstones.
there is a 10 foot tall concrete angel holding guard over the gravestone.
this stone is over a young lady who was raped by a black man, in the ???30s...40s. they threw this rapist in jail, and then people from 100 miles around came to the jail and mobbed it and tore open the door and dragged this man out onto the town square and they hung him, with great jubilation. then they made the angel, the plaque says, to the effect...."how
great a tragety, God himself is SO SO angry that a black man raped a white young lady that he sends angels to watch over her for eternity, for this GREATEST of Sins done unto her. not only rape, but by a Black man!

the town, to this day, has zero blacks. the county seat, in the 80s, has zero black workers. someone told me that he had seen the signs on some bridges on county lines, that say,
"nigger: out of the county by dark"!!
this same county seat, not the tombstone town, also kicked buckmister fuller off of the staff as he was too too radical, and the town park had hippies in it, in the 70s so they bulldozed the park and put businessess there!]

this area is also very VERY "bible beltish"! no "wiggle room" permitted, in dogma interpetation.

I can thus imagine, as this area is UTTERLY at ground zero for being on the new madrid fault, just how they feel about why this earthquake will probably happen: too too much Sin and backslidings, of the people!
Letting blacks into the golf club, letting lesbos couples live together, i can imagine the "thumping" of the bible, now, in some of the churches!
[i attended, for my sister's sake, to check it out, a local pentacostal church down the road. i sat at the back as i knew that the service starts at 7 PM, but will go on till 2 AM! i made a shocking discovery there. ALL of the women were FAT!
any woman there who was 250 lbs and 5 foot 5 foot tall, is ANOREXIC compared to 90% of the women there. some ladies seemed to take up over three to four feet of seatbench space. ALL of them!
in retrospect, these ladys seemed to be very very happy happy in the moment, happy with their lives. just how many thin ladies have i seen, over my lifetime, who had the looks of a "wicked witch of the east" (oz)! no fun, no joice, no round corners, to their lives or soul: give to me the fat lady every time, generally!]

so the only way for a sensitive psychic, to deal with the Seen
disaster, is to find a reason for it, in advance! then he/she will project onto this event, the projected thing most hard to deal with!
almost as if this were a "scapegoat in advance"!!
---if these "gays" were to be burned alive, in the rightoius fire of the lord, then my own innate "gayness", that i have trouble dealing with, is now vicariously removed!
Be like: seeing my own immuturity in the guy at the next desk, so i bully him about it, forcing him to grow up a bit, albeit his growing up will be done by MY standard of what constitures "growing up"! as if i can MATURE him, then i mature my own inner childness!
thus...if i kill the gays out there, in a dream, a vision, then i kill them in my own inner life, thus removing the gayness from my own inner life!
[makes me wonder what percentage of vision dreams are *only* this!
Only a dream where the inner conflict between one's own natures is trying to get worked out. thus one sees a city of "soddom and gomorra", where the actors in the dream are living out my repressed, unlived, sexual fantasies. then i have the Great Authority Figure, the "id"
, God, come and punish them for sex sins.]

yes, cast a shadow on the wall, then kill the shadow with a knife, so that this shadow does not now follow me. of course this shadow must be Cast onto someone who looks like me!

of course there are REAL prophecies, Recieved, channeled, dreamed. but
the self has to recieve it, to try to understand what has been shown; this is where, often the colorings occur.

but dreams are even the more harder, as often the very drama is only an inner drama that takes on the form of an earth disaster.

thus, in the end, God may indeed cause disasters, but for His reasons, reasons that might not be understandible to us mere mortals. thus we each have to place OUR own meanings into that space of interpetations and reasons!