Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hi all...

I find these forums interesting, especially in reading of certain prophecies that fail. "down in flames", even, spectacular failures!

I learn from these failures; giving me a slight "testing sarcasms" to all prophecies that I read.
Here are some "colorings", that I often read in them.

1...The vision is only symbolic of the person's own life, the earthquakes
and fires relate only to the inner conflicts and the inner emotions. The dream looks prophetic. But it is "psychological"!

2....There is a personal "issue" with someone's, or our collective's
"sin", thus "we all are gonna PAY BIG TIME", by God's Wrath!
Something is projected to the outer life, then it is scapegoated, thusly.
like: I secretly, to myself, would rather stuff my mouth with food food food! But I am in conflict and denial, so then I see all the fat people out there eating just like I cannot deal with. So I want them Gone from the Planet NOW! I have a dream where a sickness takes out all of the people who are 200 lbs, or over, all over the planet! I then give out this prophecy to people.

3...Deceiving spirits give a prophectic dream, yes the vision was Real, but the message is a lie: some spirits have an ulterior reason for giving it! Maybe they Want the dreamer to get upset, they feed on that!

4...The guides are true and real, and the person is a high level psychic, but
the Guides, while correct, somehow obtained the wrong information! Their own sources are wrong.

4a....The guides are true and real, but they, in spiritual awareness, give
a false prophecy, so that the receiver of this vision changes her life, seemingly all other messages to this effect fell on deaf ears!

5...The guides are true and real, but the receiver somehow, upon awakening, mis-remembered the dream, like thinking that number was "103", while the Given number was "301"!!

6...The guides are true and real, but the whole psychological bent of the dreamer colored the whole thing! As in #2, above, with the food!

7...The guides are true and real, but the Content of the prophecy is "spiritual symbolic"! The vision, while real, is symbolic.
like: -------someone has a prophectic dream where they are going to soon take a great vacation journey to a wonderful foreign country soon.
When this person awakes, he shakes his head, knowing that he is poor and cannot afford a flight to a tropical island. A few months later, his undiagnosed aneurysm burst, he falls over on the floor dead before he hits the ground! Prophecy is fulfilled!!

8...The content of the vision crosses into areas of "parallel realities" or "alternate universes"! In some other reality, Japan sinks under the sea!

then there is like of my Mother!!

about 1965, she had a vision dream, being psychic to an extent, but not
really acknowledging this to herself.
She was told, or saw, that at dusk, in ten years, a red sports car would come over the hill, in her lane, the head on collision would instantly kill her, but that her husband would live until he was 72.
she only told her husband this, just once. He then told only one friend.
Thus, I never found out about her dream until about 1986!
I would often visit her, as my cottage was only a few miles away, from the
late 1960s, through half of the 70s. As we two would sit for coffee at the kitchen table, she sometimes would open the cupboard door and show me something. On the back of the door, on the inside, out of sight when this door was closed, would be a page from the "national Enquirer", or some such tabloid, and the article would always be something like..."The top 20
psychics give their predictions for 1974". The date of this article would be about January of that year. Now.....When she shows me this, the month might be August, or October. Months and months later: obvious that these predictions are utterly WRONG! My mother would take Devious GLEE and
laughing sarcasms about how all of these predictions fell utterly utterly flat on their faces! Totally wrong.

Now I see WHY she gleefully tore them apart! She was "throwing stones at the charging monster" to try to put it down!! If she could invalidate ALL prophecies, then she, of course, would then invalidate her own! Thus each and every psychic's prediction that went wrong, was yet another
"proof" that prophecies, as a "class act", are never right, and that people cannot ever have a true Seeing of the future. For my mother, her Stakes were very very high!

life or death!!

About 7:30 pm, in early October, 1975, ten years later; at latitude 42 north, at dusk, she was returning, in her car, from a far off, 80 mile away, city. Over a hill, at
120 MPH, a red sports car came, and it was in her lane.
60 + 120 = 180 mph! Dead in a moment!
[my father, her husband, when he was 72, was in Intensive care, after his 4th heart attack. When my mother died so suddenly, he went over the edge of sanity, he had to ask me to come see him, and I did. We had a wonderful reunion and Grace gave to him an extra year, he died at 73.
thus my mother was sort of Right, there, too, on my father, but he is an example of how Spirit can delay a "time driven" vision!]

"oops" indeed, sports fans, he was a person who received a prophecy and she tried very very hard to put it down, but all to no avail!
the Clock Ticked, it would be her that would have to come around and to Accept the message!

SOME prophecies are engraved in stone, so to speak: the question , then, would be.....Which ones, and then how does one tell the real prophecies from the "error" ones?!