Friday, July 01, 2005

the grand tallahassee mural

the grand tallahassee mural, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee, fla.
I took this today. the mural that is next to the main two street intersections, in the city.
is the name of it. painted in
1995, and again restored in 2004, by a mural crew, here in tallahassee. i see all sorts of hidden symbolism here!
I believe that city murals often have the secret history of that city. Most murals have Secrets, inspired maybe by spirit, or just by the bleedthrough of the uncounscious!

below this picture, are closeups of this mural, section by section. as you go down the journal, you will see the closeups, from left to right.
One is birthed at the left and then you hang up your shoes to die, at the right end, then go away into the spirit worlds!
"bean" Ideas are Inspiredly dropped, by spirits
and angels, and by Jesus himself, watered by the holy spirit, onto your life. they grow into Dreams, and then you should try to manifest them into your life. As the left hand drops the idea-beans in the shape of a christian cross into your life, to manifest in the cross on the peace symbol to the right: through the Spirit
of Jesus salvation, you will Hold Fast To Your Dreams, taking them to heaven with you when you die!

the TRUE "hold fast to your dreams",
is where all of the good things of your life go with you, after you die, to manifest in heaven around you, there.

I do not feel that *any* of the mural painters knew they placed this into this mural!! i think that this mural was "suppossed' to be about "racial integration", as the mural is next to the bus station, the exact site where
Rev. Steele had his church, in the 60s, he was a local civil rights leader.

if Art can be "Inspired" by the Spirit, then a mural too! Hidden messeges hidden within....every detail of this mural can be seen in the closeups.