Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Almost reeled in!

Almost reeled in!, originally uploaded by dmakar.

Uploaded by dmakar on 27 Jun '05, 9.34pm EDT.

ah yes, Cayuga lake!
what a lake! 60 miles lonfg and 500 feet deep and many locals cannot swim in it till end of july as it is so cold.
I had a cottage there once, it was about at the chin of the white t-shirt guy. heaven on earth.

from 30 inch lake trout to 30lb
carp to 3lb smallmouthbass
to "rockbass", there is a fish for all! the way they used to fish for lake trout was with a 400 foot copper line with a ten lb sinker and you had to reel out 150 feet, or more, of line!
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