Monday, June 13, 2005

This morning's newspaper article about the slaves got me to thinking!
[Washington DC was built by slaves]

I read often about the weary topic, in forums, in the paper, on sites..."Life is becoming much more NEGATIVE of late"! I think that I know one major reason why this is so!

--I have a 1895 image of my grandfather out in the back 20 acres, with his horse and plow, I often walked "his" fields, over the years that I lived in my hometown in upstate new York. I can see him now. One horse, a single plow. Silence. I only hear the click of the harness and the sounds of the plow overturning the sod.
80 years later: the same field now has the currant farmer, he has a nine
plow plow. The tractor is so big that one needs a ladder welded, on the side, to get on it. It fills a road from side to side, when going down it. Loud?!! Oh my, need earplugs, but then again the farmer is inside of a cab that is airconditioned
and sealed off from the outside dust and there is plenty of that. No doubt he is listening to his stereo! Takes him 20 minutes to plow that 20 acres!

---the 1895 farmhouse. The yard is mowed by either sheep or a pushmower. In the early summer hours, you can see his wife or kids, out along the barn looking for the berries and strawberries that are in the weeds. See, every building is surrounded by plants, there are lots of flowers, apple trees sprouted from tossed apple cores, etc, in the weeds.
1999. The teen aged kid gets on that riding mower and in less than an hour he mows EVERYTHING! Along the barn, along even the side of the road, there is nothing but grass and barns, not a weed, not a strawberry, to be found. He mows like that because he CAN! No doubt he is listening to his rock through the earbuds.

---the 1895 farmhouse. It is 80 years old, even then. Full of character. But cold and drafty. Leaks too. Outhouse in the back.
The 1999 version of this house, now it is used to store hay in, as the house trailer is next door where they live. It is warm, has a bathroom with an actual shower. Cheap to heat. Never going back to that cold monstrosity up front, to live in!

---the 1959 drive, on the 400 mile vacation, was all on "pretty back roads" as all roads were two lane and not well maintained. Took all day, of two days, to get there, but there were 50 scenes enjoyed along the way, plus a coffee break and a meal or two in a small town cafe.
2004, the interstate is taken. Takes only a few hours, and boring as all get out; thanks for the radio!

---note that the horse plowman had little choice in the manner of his actions. He had to spend all day long to plow several acres. All he could do is to slowly walk along behind his house. He had all day to be with his thoughts and the open space and of the relative silence. Thus in a way he was "forced" to attend to nature's
bounty! Once his son got the tractor, however, there was no going back! Fast. Quick. Oh the peace and quiet was gone, but look at all the land that he could plow!
note that in the mowed yard, there are no "surprises", but then again one just buys one's apples at the supermarket, shipped green from 3000 miles away and only in one flavor too. But one mows for neatness, as now one CAN, where as back in 1895, one could not satisfy the urge for control, with a pushmower!

note a common thread, here! In 1895, there were a lot of "qualities of life"
that were "automatic", they came with living, and 80 percent of all people lived on farms then and thus the pace of life forced you to take time and to appreciate what little that you had!
TODAY...One has much *much* more choices, and along with these zillion choices must also come self responsibility in how to make these choices! Most people, today, just go along with the mindset of the popular "ism" or "fad", just like they did back in 1895, but each fad is so "particular" that everything else is excluded!
of COURSE one wants to get to their destination in four hours, not in two days! But in making that choice, other realities must drop away, like "of enjoying the scenery!"

today, sports fans, I see, that one must take part in their own consciousness raising, or else they will just do what all others do, whatever that is!

and...*that* is why there is so much negativity abounding, all around us all: people not taking charge of their own choices, so that they do just what all other do, which usually is the lowest common denominator of it all!

thus, say, one has to WORK at taking a vacation, to choose to drive on back roads, to choose to dawdle in a small town, to take those two days to travel 400 miles, to have the journey be part of the vacation! Alas, most younger souls are not capable
of doing this, as this act takes more imagination and "old soul feelings" than they have! In the old days, the young souls would have to be exposed to the very same realities that the older souls were exposed to, thus the young souls could benefit from this. Not today! today one needs a college education REALLY just to go to the supermarket, If one wants to buy Intelligently! Most people cannot, or will not, make the choices to buy intelligently, as they have other adgendas, like "quickness
in cooking" or "cheapness", or "I do not want to be bothered"!

whether in politics, or in life styles, this holds! Most people would take the easy path, and just prefer neatness over apples, in their lawns. Or to drive fast to get there quick. Or tear though a 30 acre field in 20 minutes, not even experiencing or being "connected' to the environment, as this farmer might say...'gotta have 5000 acres to make a living ya know, gotta do it quick, this plowing, as I have 1200 acres to plow by next week"! [gotta have 500,000 chickens to make a living these days].


all of these actions of lower consciousness causes VIOLENCE, to nature, to self, to other people!

thus the "call" of the modern age is to have us all high a much *much*
higher awareness, an individual awareness, and most of us cannot seem to hold that focus, thus most people take the lower octaves, often by default!
"It all runs to the lower chackras" might be a good saying here, as someone wins her 3 million dollar lottery, what she will do with this windfall depends upon her soul and of her awareness! Most of us, again, will not Measure Up, 100% to the "demands" that a 3 million lottery winning would have us to also have that added
Responsibility of self focus and awarenesses, to be able to enjoy the windfall for life and soul and spirit enrichments with!

so that, sports fans, is why one major reason so much negativity are, these days.
it is that many of us 'take the lower road" in the life choices, as both the "high road" and the "lower road" are now present in nearly ALL choices, both big and small!
Back in, say, 1895, there were few real lifechoices, and the major task of one's soul
was to ACCEPT what was given you , for your life!

like: if your lifegoal is to make lots of money, why of COURSE you use one of the greatest spiritual inventions for the communications of mankind, to make lots and lots of money, you create SPAM and bomb the internet to make lots of $$$, without the slightest shed of guilt, and that you would actually be angry at all the clods out there who try to deny you the access to do this! To use the internet for anything else, is not even in your soul, you cannot even conceive of any other reason to use the internet execpt to make $$$ with real quick!
["why in the world would one want to let some tiny, hard to pick, wild strawberries grow wild behind the barn, when one can get real big ones real cheap at the market: I want my lawn to be NEAT, Durn-it"!!....That quote, alone, shows why there is so much negativity today!]

one has to be part of one's own couscious-raising team! One has to Act, to Take Charge of one's own self individual soul directions. This, I see, is the Message
of the End of the Age: so many of us are really really


in this!