Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This morning, on the internet, I used the technorati search, to search something about someone, a Guru in India: I had just read, the other day, some article-reminder that he is still there in Puttaparthi.

Sathya Sai baba.

There was a time that i read much about him and of his devotees stories too. Many feel that he is Shiva Incarnate, which would be the Hindu equivilant to the
Second Coming of Jesus!
Then i had also read about the sex scandals, where he does homo acts upon devotee young men, and boys too. Many many close older devotees, of many years standing,
thought that the charges were warrented, or even ended up being "sexed" by baba, some people wrote powerful books denouncing baba as worse then a fake!

Today, i had a small seeing about how this could be so!

The West, western people, I think, are not cut out for the Indian Guru way! this holds, i think, for baba, or for any Guru, living there in India.
Only if one is Called, in vision or dreams, should one even go or even to read about these gurus.


Western people are Thinkers, and thus under the rule of "duality". when one thinks something, all else must not be thought of. if i think of, say, a coffee cup, i cannot also think of a glass of water, not in the same space can I?!
Thus the western path, to me, seems that one "is" something, and all else is somewhat denied. "Thinking" is "particular" in nature, whereas the India "feeling"
is "global" in outlook"!

it is "promethesis vs Dyionesis----individual vs oceananic merging into the One!

thus when a "individualistic" person visits a Guru, this guru is then a mirror unto him and thus all of the REST of this person is mirrored back to him, the guru becomes
what the rest of the person is!
Oh....this reads so "trival" but oh is it "devastating"!
suppose a "red blooded" man, proud of his manhood, visits Sia baba. baba would then detect the 10% to 40% "womaness" in him and then become the feminene man, facing back to this devotee visitor!
read: HOMOPHOBIA"! a man who "is a man", would project any womaness in himself, a femaleness that is not of his choosing, unto the homo people, scapegoating it away in himself. baba could indeed then try to have him commit a homo act with this man, reflecting back this man's denied inner woman! that baba is then himself, reflected.
Baba would do this, as in India way, one must be "all of one being". all parts merged. "anti" the western way! So baba would become all of what this visitor hated and feared, in himself.

Even carl Jung, writing about "Individualzation", writes that MOST western people should not even BEGIN to try this Path, as it is too too dangerious, as this person on this path must internalize all of his projected self, back into himself.
...the shadow...the anima...all must be internalized.

the very nature of the western way is "against this"!
thus...if you were to go visit a living india guru, anything that you deny and repress in yourself, the guru will become and face you with it. Murder...child sex...does not matter, if it is in you, it is of you!

this, i guess, is the "cost" of developing a differentiated mind. any one thing brough to light, means any other opposite thing must not be in that "circle of focused awareness"! if you take a trip to Spain, you cannot also vist Japan, at the same moment: west is "choices", which means 80% of everything has to be denied.
this is the Cost of developing a mind.

there was one close devotee of baba, who not only was one of the first people to write about baba's homo-sex, as baba tried to sex him, this devotee fled the ashram in fear and came back to the states and then became a very very convert salvation from Jesus and then became a great spokesman for the fundamentalist path!

probably Fundamentalism and or Charsimic Christianity is the western way, as this path deals in black and white opposites with no wiggle-room between them. thus the Mind is developed through contrast and compare with direct opposites.

stay away from these gurus: join a church which is fundamentalist in nature.
---because only *after* one has a 100% mindset on black or white, of an issue, can one begin to look at the other side! how can one transcend the self until one first grows an EGO?! thus, say, in man/homo ways, a man can only deal with one's "womaness" after this man first becomes as much of a man that he possible can!

one cannot peer into the Mirror until there is a "you", there, before that mirror: thus the opposites must first be established!

maybe "old souls" can "skip that lesson-grade", but i feel that 80% of the western people are young young souls, thus for most, the Path is to develop one sided "stands" upon everything, in life. thus the fudamentalism of the christian path was developed for the west.