Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tallahassee, lookin' down the parkway.

tallahassee, Florida, from high up, looking east.
my comment.....

people talk, here, about how the development of the city is ruining the greenness of the city. but what many do not realize is that when most people drive somewheres, they only drive on the main roads, like of what you see here. thus the only tallahassee that they see is those roads lined with stores! you have to get OFF of the main roads, to see all of the beauty of a city that is under a subtropical rain forest! just like one has to get off of the interstate to see anything!

---the woods are jungles, a machete is
a Tool, not a plaything, here. the amount of species of plants and critters like frogs, are amazing. frogs in your mailbox, in your car, in your bedroom!