Saturday, June 18, 2005

mother comes from heaven

mother comes from heaven, originally uploaded by freestone.

may 1999. A dream where my 25 year deceased mother appears to me, as I, in the dream, am standing by the mailbox in front of my childhood home. She looks 100+ feet high, to the West direction, at the horizen! she tells me this message, "39, 3, 99: these numbers are in the Bible"!

I feel this is a Real Appearence!
Something SO important, to me, at least, that she came down from her higher heavens to tell me.
"39, 3" the numbers of Jesus's Mission, his days after the cross, and the "99" infers the 99 sheep with that one lamb that Jesus needs to go down to the valley to save.
Message, as of May 1999....that my life's work is not done yet! I will not die soon. [1999!]