Wednesday, June 15, 2005


so why am I "on' murals as a psychic prophetic source?

perhaps i should tell my Story, here!

I once lived next to my hometown, in my lakeside cottage on cayuga lake.
I often traveled to ithaca, ny, homeof Cornell university. in the early 70s there was a large hippie community there. many communes. one of the "most spiritual" of these communes owned a bakery downtown.
wonderful bread. This commune has been featured in articles: one of the
"Guru-cult" communes.
they had a mural painted on the wall of the bookstore. In three months it was painted over by them! I wondered why! This mural was, to me, such a nice painting, so well done. They never told me why they covered it up.
Several years later i met the Artist of this mural. Got to know him.
At a long coffee shop talk, in the same building as Moosewood resturant, might have been In Moosewood, he told me, lamentedly, that "all of my murals get painted over within months, WHY?!"
he then had with him a portfolio of all of his projects, photos of all of the murals that he had painted, he did this for a living. Most of these murals were now gone, painted over!
In our talk, it became obvious to us both as to why his murals did not last: he was a PSYCHIC and he painted what Was Really There!
He painted what was really in the soul[s] of his clients!

to wit; that bakery.
---a two panel mural. one panel had a saint meditating, surrounded by angels. the other panel had a demon meditating, surrounded by other demons.
six months later the commune exploded as Insanity ruled: all of the inner demons, of all of the residents, came out for review!

as much as they thought that they were "SO Spiritual", there were so much inner dirt and sin, UNRECOGNIZED, repressed! this cult commune came apart.

this mural showed this outright, plain and clear, even from the beginning of the commune's wonder that they painted over it, they could not stand to see the Truth!

I looked through his portfolio in amazement, at his currant project: a mural just completed on a wall in a resturant, next to the interstate, in conservative central Ohio. his hometown. it showed this small city downtown street, as a 1880 victorian scene. I was struck by a man and wife walking along the street in front of a bycycle shop, one of those shops that had a 1880 high-wheel cycle in the window. but the perspective of the mural had it where the handlebars of this bycycle stuck out of the forehead of his wife as if she were a deer! and the man walked behind her as if he was riding her *like* a bike!
I Saw.
I told him that in this town, TODAY, the mindset of the people were really
still back in 1880 and in this town
[as in "handlebar" of a bycycle!]

I told him..."i wonder how long *that* mural will last?!"

This is why i look carefully at murals!

I ask you too, to look, and to post what you see, and or, to post links to murals on the internet, pictures of murals, with perhaps hidden
symbols in them, that are Reveealing and Prophetic.