Thursday, June 30, 2005

I think that i have discovered a major reason why the kids of america are so angry!
listen to the music, the rap and the new rock, both. not just "teenage glands"
or "rebeling" either!

they, being sensitive, being young, pick up the anger, in the air, from all of us ADULTS! THE ANGER OF "JUST LIVING"!

"just living", as you reach for your phone to call tech support and then spend a day dealing with the phone's call system. your anger sleets out like microwaves, through all of the kids! repeat all day long, the million little frustrations of living in the modern age: multiply your frustrations by the number of the people
in the country! Road rage. so much to DO and so little time to do it in and the frustations mount.

our kids are being "cooked" in the aura radiation of all our angers created from just living in the early 21st century!!

they are mirrors, thusly, to reflect back to us what we are doing to our souls!