Friday, June 10, 2005

[I read the forum post about "planet X and other astroid objects that might soon hit the earth, in this thread were posts speculating about how all of our HATES driving these objects even closer to striking the earth!
I posted my reply, and now i was to bring this post out into Daylight, by beginning it as a new topic:

could the C. U. affect objects in space?

well i read all three pages. impressive.

I note that the beginning of this thread goes back, especially the transcripts, a few years: nothing happened in 2004, for instance.

so ARE there astroids/comets out there?
so IS there a relation between "how much we all collectively hate" and these events?!

this reminded me of something that happened to me back in 1965, in New York City!
.....I lived for a month in a Greenwich village east student house. I got to know a man who had a friend who was writing a book about his philosophy. I was told of his friend's philosophy, and this Idea was very radical for my 24 year old ears! very VERY radical for 1965, even!

He was of the Knowing that the Collective of the human race had a kind of "self-awareness" and could, and would, alter the future so that collectively this future could be altered. [I made a personal Image of a lumbering cow, the Collective, seeing the road ahead and then assuging
what direction this cow needed to take! Then this Cow moves and Does Things, in order to get There!]

for instances...

Over population?
---a disease is created so that the numbers decrease!

Oncoming ice age?
---slowly the human race gets "signals" to move southwards, the media begins to "push" the urge to have the northern population migrate to warmer countries! no one individual person is aware of either the on-coming ice age or even the "uncounsious" urges to move southwards!
Or...maybe to increase something called "global warming"!

Thus i sometimes ponder this person's philosophy, when i read involved prophecies! like of this Time of Planet X, and other incoming rocky objects that soon could hit the earth!

could indeed these objects be INVOKED, pushed, driven?!
not be aliens...
not by even individual "demons" or "russian scientists"
But by the collective uncousnsciousness!

[perhaps humanitiy's spirit archangel Guides have to "deflect" these objects, if the human race is under "Grace" by the lord! But then again, these Guides might just stand down and watch em hit!!]

Thus indeed, our collective negativities might influence these objects!

Too...if one accepts *this* possibility, then the door then opens to an "easyer" manipulation, by the collective: tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes...etc...etc!!

are the hurricanes in florida, their paths, influenced by the Collective?!
how about "9-11?!
how about the Tidal wave? about just any little old weather pattern, like Boston having a colder may than fairbanks, this year?!
Iraq war?

interesting speculations this!
The collective of humanity holds the key to our immediate future, by
just our collective attitudes! As if the whole of the human race
has a self awareness of and in itself. And that this awareness can sense
probable futures of itself, and then makes changes to itself to avoid what it senses to be "negative outcomes". Individual "sufferings"
do not count, if these are results of an action chosen, as the Organism is greater than the sum of its parts, and the organism comes first!
[ultimate facism/nazism, where the individual is lesser than the State!]
Thus, if a tidal wave kills half a million people, but this wave serves the purpose of the Collective, then it is Done!

"I am the vine, ye are the branches thereof".....Jesus
[let us all Hope that Jesus is the real "head" of the Human race!
would He consider such a thing as an astroid hitting the earth, ever?!
[the book of Relelation!!]

And each person Counts!

Do Your Part, please.......!!