Friday, June 17, 2005

hi all....

here is last night's dream, a potent one for sure! this dream may not look "potent"; it looks a bit innocent, but bear with me!

The dream begins, i am with a group of young people in their 20s...30s
in a farmhouse. I find that they all belong to some kind of cult. a "benevolent" cult, partly relgious and partly in "sales". They own this farm and all of them live there.
Today's project, as they are the new reqruits, is to learn about the
way the group operates. They go door to door selling something, and they have some kind of "motivational tapes" that they listen to, while on the road or in their spare times. there is a ritual for them all to how to learn.

the ritual begins, they all go out to the back of the farm to a shallow stream where the water is about three inches deep, in a shallow sand bottom creek. there is this sandy, muddy bottom, about 60 feet long and about 15 feet wide, where there are random rocks at the bottom of the inches deep water. they are to utterly memorize this bottom! each person stares at this creek until they can see it in their memory. then back at the farmhouse, the teacher then shows, on the wall projector, a snapshot taken of this bottom, taken as they memorized it. then each student takes his/her motivation tapes and "attributes" each tape to a section of this bottom. but each attribution is to be the same for each student, so that this photo of the bottom is a kind of MAP of all of the tapes.
i..e....tape number 10, is the section at the end. for all of the students.
by the end of the lecture, this photo of the bottom was sectioned off into about 15 sections, each section represented one of the tapes.

I then listened to some of the tapes, in the dream. one tape was "angry", that had to do with how to handle anger, in oneself, in the client.
another tape was about "mind". another was plain sales motivational.

I was with them, in their cars, for a bit, they listened to each tape every chance that they had. but i noted why the stream bottom was used: as each person had the attributes of each tape linked to this image of the creek bottom, each time that they wanted to hear a tape, they "remembered" the creek bottom, then recalled what tape went with what part of the image. then they could then recall what tape to listen to.

At the end of this dream, i walked, alone, back to the creekbed to look again at this bottom.
was a long time after this ceremony, the tapes had been listened to for awhile. still only an inch or three deep. lots of animal tracks too, lots of deer and racoons hereabouts. wading birds too.
i looked at this 60 foot long bottom. it was very very apparent to me that many more animals crossed this bottom in only several places. some sections were completely free of tracks and footprints!
I looked closer, why did the animals not use *this* section, and why did all the animals walk across *that* section?!

The animal footprints corresponded EXACTLY to the layout of the tape
attributions, of the cult members!!! as if some sections were somehow CHARGED with energy, even though the cult people were only out by the creek for an hour, months ago.

oh boy!!

[let those with ears, hear!]
the Implications are emormous, here, sports fans!! i will briefly spell it out for ya!
---whatever feelings and emotions and thoughts, that you "toss" IN to an image that is a mental picture of an OUTER object or scene, some of those feelings and thoughts, not only affect the inner image, they also affect the objective, outer, object TOO!!

---in your 10 years of depression, you think a lot about your childhood rural home back in Iowa. unknown to you, while that farmhouse is still there, with new owners of course, these owners always feel a bit depressed, and they wonder why, as that house is out in the sun and nice looking!
-----the bad divorce: the "ex" has gone on, moved 500 miles away, gone for good. but you cannot forget or forgive. you hate, even. his health is not good, he does not know why! further more, he cannot seem to forget about you either, no matter how he tries. you have "forced" him to be stuck to you, thusly! and slightly "soul murder" him, as he cannot leave!
when you get to heaven after you die, you will be forced to "embrace" him, if he has already died, as you two are really veryclose in Love to each other, as "love" means "touching", here: bonded by hate!
---you dislike the color of your new car. you also begin to wonder why it does not run right!
---Susie loves to grow plants. they do well for her.

Perhaps this even extends to...."not only can you change your attitude about your past life that you have lived behind you, you might even be able to change the objective event itself!!

see why this dream is so "potent"?!!