Thursday, June 02, 2005

Freestone 2

Freestone 2, originally uploaded by freestone.

One more of me. I learned years and years ago, that if i were to wear a "brooks brothers" $500 suit, it would look just as frumpled and "messy" as what else that I wear!
Adult High Level Functioning Autism.
Makes for an Interesting life. One thing it does, I never ever have to deal with the Stress of management CEO jobs! I would do well in jobs that are repetitive and "doing one thing at a time"! Janitor. dishwasher. i am glad that I do not run the rat race!
63 years old. never ever married, probably because most women do not see me as "providing for her children"!
no $$$ to feather nests with!

but oh OH I have Interesting visions and dreams!

You can see the entrance to the Independant senior living apartment, behind me: georgia belle Apartments. I live there.