Friday, June 03, 2005

Fortune magazine

50 and Fired
Getting fired during your peak earning years has always been scary. YouÂ?d scramble for a few months, but youÂ?d find something. Today itÂ?s different. Get fired and you can scramble for yearsÂ?and still find nothing. Welcome to the cold new world of the prematurely, involuntarily retired.
By John Helyar

------this is on the cover of the soon to be off of the shelf, this month's, Fortune magazine.

I guess I am way way over the top at 64 years old! I see so many older people, here in Tallahassee, working as security guards, information givers at the mall, or even sweeping the floor!

There once was an ad, here in tallahassee, for a special service to businesses, a non-profit senior club started an advisor service where a business person would come and be advised by retired business people. their wisdom and experiences, the ad writes, would be invaluable. Years and years of business experiences might be good for a young store owner to know, for instance.
This service was started about ten to 15 years ago: I have not read anything about it, now, for years.

Oh Dear!
I see what is in the cards, sports fans! Today, any wisdom and experience that an older business person has, is utterly USELESS! Can the 3000 lb dinosaur dance?
Can he multitask? do 12 things at once? can he work 20 hours at a stretch? be SO "flexible" that one can change his or her business philosophy four times per DAY?!
can he never ever plant a tree in his yard as he knows that a bought home is just a timeblip on the Way to Elsewheres, a home is just a "motel room for a one night rest"!

I have read that the ability to multitask deminishes greatly after one is 30 years old!

I suspect now that there are "cutting edge" companies, like software and information companies, where anyone older than 30 really SHOULD be let go of! they cannot keep up! Maybe we should then have no one in these companies over 25 years old!

Thus, what i see a-coming down the pike, is that what was once regarded as the "wisdom of the retirees", is now seen as "the inability to change and to be flexible"! The older people might be better suited for jobs of "relibility, dependibility, conservatism, repitition, slowness, sameness, habitualness"

I see it now, in a few years, the young will start at the Top, earning the high paying CEO jobs income: have them begin *at* the Top, at about 18 to 20 years old. Then as they get older, have them be de-promoted DOWNWARDS until at, say, 50 to 70, they sweep the floor and make the coffee and perhaps be the clerk or janitor!
to INVERSE the age related roles so to have all of the old people support the young by doing the service work, like grilling the hamburgers and washing the dishes!
The, have the flexible young make all of the real decisions in business, as the need to be so flexible is such that only the very young can can up!

Thus any CEO, that is now 25 to 40, it might be a good idea for him/her to also learn a simple skill, like how to wash dishes or to be a janitor or to do simple
"low physical" labor work, as by the time they are 45, that might be what they will do for the rest of their lives as work skills!