Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Experiences can be likened to a photo too, I could indeed create a "photoblog"
of vinettes from daily life, or even of scenes with a story behind them: treat this as a "verbal photograph"!


what I saw the other day!
I was in the Tallahassee Senior center for a few minutes. I stopped to look in the TV room, to look at the Weather Channel. There were several painted works of art on the main wall.
the senior center has a very very good art program and over the months and years, between the Shows and the many many paintings done, by people, nearly every wall has
a painting or ten.
I pondered the three or four paintings on this wall.

1...A painting of a beached ruined boat, on the beach above high tide. A *really*
ruined boat, never ever to go to sea again. The wood is so rotted that half the boat is gone.
2...A painting of "the old farmhouse from long long ago". Near in ruin, the door is open and is falling off.
3...Another old house, the roof is falling in.
4...A painting of one of those clay "poured from a mold" sculptures. These are found in "hobby shops" where people can make praying hands, animals, and the like.
The senior center has one of those "labs" where people make all kinds of these things. This painting is of a plaster clay cast kitten with a purple ribbon around its neck. Only thing is...though...Is that a real kitten is inside of this Cast of clay and it is breaking out of its imprisonment, smashing out of the clay mold, breaking out into the daylight!


a suitable subject for seniors! Many many of the paintings, by the people here, are of this subject: old ruined cars from 50 years ago, moldering away in a barnyard
bramble-patch, for instance: the painter himself/herself might be 75 years old, she is painting herself!

the Bowl is broken, the butterfly of the Soul breaks free of the dead old body and flies to heaven! This cat painting made my day, here someone sees death as just
Time for the kitten to break out of a dead cast of clay and go Live in the World
of the real Kitten Life!!