Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democrats: No Vision Means No Majority

by Amy Ridenour

It is ironic. The Democrats lost their majority in the U.S. Senate because they haven't learned how to be a minority.

The Democrats, on the other hand, still have many of the bad habits they acquired during many years in the majority. They avoid policy debates with the Republicans, often treating their rivals not as equals but acting as if the GOP is unworthy of notice. Republican proposals often are labeled "extreme" or "right-wing," but leading Democrats rarely bother to explain to the public just what makes them so.

A minority party that doesn't present an attractive alternative to the status quo won't capture voter interest. If the Democratic Party wants to do better at the ballot box next time, it must develop a specific, appealing agenda -- and start sharing it with voters.

In other words, they'll need to show some leadership.


---After I had written that article, below this one, about Sathya sai baba and the western mindset, I can apply my idea to this article. I have now read, in a number of places, that "the Democratic Party lacks a vision. Now or for the future, leaderless and idealess.
I now see WHY!

they are not biased and bigoted!!
nor "fundamentalist"!

for when one has a vision, one must deny everything else around it, as one focuses upon that vision! Have a program for wheelchair kids? What about the blind kids? What about the kids who have allergies or have been abused?! Result: a "one size fits all" program, GREY....As in "all colors mixed together gets a grey color as a result"! There would be no focus, thusly. Be like the tourist with one day to see London, if he is no discrimination, he will end up seeing nothing! If he, say, chooses the London Tower, then he denies the Palace or the glass garden.
probably the only way that one can have 'all things" is to have a "higher unifying vision", which means "spirituality"! A mystical experience, even.
[read: charasmic or fundamentalist stance!]

as long as there are no higher ethical, moral values, then "everything has to be everything", as any one thing has to have "equal value", or "no value" or else that
monster called "bias and discrimination" rears its ugly head!

thus, the democratic party, or most of the liberal left, for that matter, CANNOT
have a leadership based upon a unifying vision, as either of these would make them have to focus upon one thing, excluding all else around it, having them to accept
a value judgment philosophy!

if I want my vanilla donut, I cannot also have to contemplate all of the rest of the 50 kinds of donuts upon the shelf, to buy!