Tuesday, June 21, 2005

As I left my 8 am coffee shop, the other day, I stopped to watch a mockingbird try to catch a large bug, in the middle of the sidewalk, about 20 feet away. I stopped as if I were to walk towards it, it would be scared off, for sure. Peck...Run...Peck. Suddenly a young lady with a earbud music player walked right up to the bird, she did not even notice. Of course this bird flew away.
I was then pondering how many people do not seem to notice what to me is obvious!
Perhaps my adult high level functioning autism comes to my "rescue' here, to make my life interesting, or perhaps it is just my seemingly old soul!

[why or why is yet another thing, SO obvious to me, but zilch for others: those 70%
of cars that are the same color as the asphalt and I cannot see them! Once I saw a pickup truck zoom along a country road, a lady backed out of her driveway seemingly obliverious to his 50 mph approach! He managed to stop about 10 feet from her, as she drove off, I could hear him muttering about "women drivers"! But it was HIS FAULT, to my eyes, as the only thing that I could see was a bit of chrome, as his truck blended *perfectly* with the color of the road! Of course she could not see him: he was not visible at all!]

I must have stood there for five minutes watching that bird, as it flew off, someone called to me from the shadows of a building. I turned to look at the guy and I saw
someone that to me was a "mess"! Here would be a Counselor's Nightmare: Pain Incarnate, and probably wanting someone to Bond to, to share his pain with, someone who would have to Agree with his worldview, to make him feel part of the human community. I felt, for a moment, like that beetle that the bird tried to get, I quickly left, much like this bird!

People are Prey too, and not just from muggers or spammers! We often are prey to those who need self affirmations, and these affirmations are often of a kind of "bond", sharing a common view of the universe and of life. Much of the pain comes from that awful saying...."Life's a bitch then you die"! i try not be part of such dramas. I have often heard of people moving from a nice house because there was a neighboor from hell living next door, someone who "needs" to bother this person 18 hours a day with the Needs and pains and the only way out is to either KILL this person or to move! Otherwise no chance exists, even with "restraining orders", or counseling, to have this person leave!