Saturday, May 14, 2005

yes, if you discover that your blog has gotten so wide that the articles do not fit on the computer screen and you have to "sidescroll" for every line *AND* that there seems to be no way to set the margins, that works, in your template, read what i posted in my
weblog, where i found the FIX for this vexing problem!

my post-screen was near twice as wide as the monitor screen, before i fixed this!!

maybe my article will help someone here....

I hope i finely fixed that wide wide screen where you cannot see the whole
page on one screen!

Now you can go read my posts about links that i have found, with small reviews, where the whole thing is now easy to read!!
I began this blog just as a repository for all the links that i found, as i could not save them in explorer in the public library computers at the University!

If anyone here has the same trouble, the solution is, to make very sure that in your postpage, all html lines [links] are as short, or shorter, then the width of the page. as these do NOT "wrap", the whole line of the link is posted and if the link is long, the page widens to accomodate it! thus then the page is so wide that the print cannot fit on the width of the computer screen, a XZTVX to read!

One has to be very very carefull here, as often that link that you html code write out *looks* to be short enough, but often it is not.

just be sure to check the post after you post it, then you will know for sure.

a large photo will do the very same thing!

this problem is even more apparent in the link sidebar, a long link will push the sidebar out to hold it. also those "boxes" for
links to sites that have you enter the code, often the "box" that is part of the code is larger than the sidebar.

I have had to place the long huge java-type boxes at the bottom of the weblog, thus in the template that you choose, be sure to
have a template that permits links to be placed UNDER the blog-posts. lots of room there.