Saturday, May 07, 2005

tallahassee tracks

tallahassee tracks, originally uploaded by jonathangarrett.

ya know, i walk by these tracks a lot, why just this sat may 7th, i walked over this overpass. tis an Amtrak line, the sunset limited. I always wondered as the western and northern tourists pass through these tropical lined tracks [this photo is taken on jan 5th!! the heart of winter, no less!] all the tracks are lined with jungle. of course there is a Price to pay for all of this: 92 days a year with 90 degrees or higher!
I live in Georgia belle, only half a mile from these tracks. rumor has it that there is a wonderfull grafetti piece under this bridge, i saw it ten years ago, so nice then.

yes i walk to Barnes and nobles or borders for coffee, on many sat or sunday.