Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Yahoo News
may 10,2005

Gay Men Respond Differently to Pheromones By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, Associated Press Writer
3 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The sexual area of a gay man's brain works a lot like that of a woman when exposed to a particular stimulus, researchers say.


In an experiment, men and heterosexual women sniffed a chemical from the male hormone testosterone. The homosexual men's brains responded differently from those of heterosexual males, and in a similar way to the women's brains.

"It is one more piece of evidence ... that is showing that sexual orientation is not all learned," said Sandra Witelson, an expert on brain anatomy and sexual orientation at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

Witelson, who was not part of the research team, said the findings clearly show a biological involvement in sexual orientation.

The study, published in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was done by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

They exposed heterosexual men and women and homosexual men to chemicals derived from male and female sex hormones. These chemicals are thought to be pheromones ? molecules known to trigger responses such as defense and sex in many animals.

Whether humans respond to pheromones has been debated, although in 2000 American researchers reported finding a gene that they believe directs a human pheromone receptor in the nose.

The brains of different groups responded similarly to ordinary odors such as lavender, but differed in their response to the chemicals thought to be pheromones, lead researcher Ivanka Savic said.

The Swedish researchers divided 36 subjects into three groups ? heterosexual men, heterosexual women and homosexual men. They studied the brain response to sniffing the chemicals, using PET scans. All the subjects were healthy, unmedicated, right-handed and HIV-negative.

When they sniffed scents like cedar or lavender, all of the subjects' brains reacted only in the olfactory region that handles smells.

But when confronted by a chemical from testosterone, the male hormone, portions of the brains active in sexual activity were activated in straight women and in gay men, but not in straight men, the researchers found.

The response in gay men and straight women was concentrated in the hypothalamus with a maximum in the preoptic area that is active in hormonal and sensory responses necessary for sexual behavior, the researchers said.

When the female hormone estrogen was used, there was only a response in the olfactory portion of the brains of straight women. Homosexual men had their primary response also in the olfactory area, with a very small reaction in the hypothalamus, while heterosexual men responded strongly in the reproductive region of the brain.

Savic said the group is also doing a study involving homosexual women, but those results are not yet complete.

In a separate study looking at response to body odors, researchers in Philadelphia found sharp differences between gay and straight men and women.

"Our findings support the contention that gender preference has a biological component that is reflected in both the production of different body odors and in the perception of and response to body odors," said neuroscientist Charles Wysocki, who led the study.

It's hard to see how a simple choice to be gay or lesbian would influence the production of body odor, he said.

Wysocki's team at the Monell Chemical Senses Center studied the response of 82 heterosexual and homosexual men and heterosexual and homosexual women to the odors of underarm sweat collected from 24 donors of varied gender and sexual orientation.

They found that gay men differed from heterosexual men and women and from lesbian women, both in terms of which body odors gay men preferred and how their own body odors were regarded by the other groups.

Gay men preferred odors from gay men, while odors from gay men were the least preferred by heterosexual men and women and by lesbian women in the study. Their findings, released Monday, are to be published in the journal Psychological Science in September.

The Swedish research was funded by the Swedish Medical Research Council, the Karolinska Institute and the Magnus Bergvall Foundation. Wysocki's research was supported by the Monell Center.

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well well well...
I guess we all now have a choice.
1...Now let gay people have all the rights that are inferred by being human, in 2005 America! Marry, raise children, teach grade school, etc,etc. In other words, accept them as normal UNCHANGEABLE human beings, as they were gay at three months
into term, as embryos!
2...Find a way to test embryos, then abort, or euthanasia all homo babies!
3...Just keep in denial, muddle through, keep the hypocrisy going, especially in the churches, so that gay people will have to turn to alternate religions.

I suspect that they might find another Very hot Potato, if there DARE to try to find it: to find that child sex men are also wired before birth, for this "childlove"!
And...Just as hardwired and unchangeable.

I see hard times ahead, for the moralists.....

for we are a people of denial and self-repression!

anyway, I sense that "objective science" will still give to us all a lot of
surprises! In a sense, science will overthrow morals, at least in this case.

I suspect that there are a LOT of things, in our thinkings, psychology, our lives, that are hardwired and not envirnmental at all, and not discovered yet.

I, myself, here in these forums, note that i tread a very dangerious stance, where i say...."everything has truth in it, and every 'white" thing has a bit of "darkness' in it, and vis versa! Too...everything is interelated and interconnected.
I have already felt the heat, in several of my postings, here, as there are quite a few people here who are very Moral, in black and white thinkings!
thus they offend very easyily. Whatever stance "you" have, i can write a five page paper taking the opposite stance to be True!

[note that in previous posts, i could, and have, praised a moral extreme stance, on *this* or *that* topic, a post that would be seemingly out of place, for such a "intelligent" person that i put myself across to be!
Yes, i have, as there IS Truth in each stance, even the most extreme "left-right" position....for instance: some women should become a CEO or professional person, but some women should do a "taliban", stay home and nurture the husband and kids! there is Truth in everything! And, i would have very strong feelings *for* that position, as i write my post, as i would feel the "trueness" of even the most radical extreme stance!
Simple example: i agree with Both the christian/antichristian stances, both the "moral judgements" *and* the "no one can be judged this way, christians are too too moralistic". Both attitudes are True: both attitudes are wrong!
It is YOU that has to Choose which truth is true for your own particular life, at any given moment. "Situational Ethics" to the extreme!!]

there is truth in everything, thus if i say...."some gay men have a more caring, loving, touching, relationship than for most normal man-women marrages", red flags go up! of course some do! just as, say, the Jehovah's Witness
church, for some people, it really really IS, for them, the One real path for spirit development! or, for that matter, the [fill in the blank]
cult, *any* cult!
many "end timers", i see, look to see "them" "get their rightious punishment", at the end times, for being the way they are, a way of life that offends the morals of the end timer of that particular stance!


think: "the woman of the well of samaria", at that time the prostitute was at the bottom of the bottom, and Jesus felt she was Worthy of salvation!
thus any "endtimes/earthchanges", if this happens, i do not see that this will be as a punishment for being morally deviant! God loves us all,
even [fill in the blank] people! we all will go into the light, then, with welcoming open arms of the Angels: not into a redsky hellworld of punishment for living a life that others find offensive or "wrong"!