Tuesday, May 03, 2005

---a post i made on a group about the difference in worldview of two different approaches to chistianity!

hi all...

I am reminded, after i read the site, of a book that i browsed through.

I found this long prophecy, to me, a bit disturbing, as it resonates with every single "bible-thumping" preacher that i have heard that tells me that i, and the rest of humanity, are basicly NO GOOD, full of sin and wickedness....etc...etc...[repeated over and over 1,000+ times]

I spent more than a few minutes, next the the Episciple church, in tallahassee, as i was early for their cafe lunch; i went into their bookstore and read through a book of celtic hymms. I found, for me, an AMAZING introduction to this book, an introduction that tells of the difference between Celtic christianity and the rest of christianity.

The rest of christianity belives that man is sin at his core and the world tempted him through the woman and that beauty is dangerious and the world decieves. the only way out is to give your worthless, sinfilled, life the the Lord for redemption through the agency of Jesus Christ.

the celtic christianity believes that man was created in the image of the Lord and that creation was Good, as God is Good, and mankind is a reflection of this. Thus mankind is full of beauty and goodness.
Too.....as God created the world of nature, the outer world, before mankind, this also is good, and that one can learn, indeed, about God, by studying His Handiwork, his created world. However, mankind "fell"
by becoming corrupt in sin, and needs a redemption through the Personage of jesus Christ.

the above two paragraphs *look* to mean the same thing, but AHA!
"Aha", they do not! they are direct opposites.

one has it where the "apple" is rotten at the core, the other is where the "apple" has some rotten spots on the outer skin.

From this book, alone, i can now see how the "bible-thumping preacher"
has his Say! and no wonder christian book stores treat computer games, and even the computer and the internet, as the Devils Work, stay far far away! for that is the Point! the world and everything in it is very dangerious and beauty tempts. "sackcloth and ashes" should be out fate, and we all should then embrace
The celtic Way seems to infer that the world is Good, and that beauty and goodness is our God-given natural state, after sin is removed from our lives. thus the world and art...nature...creativity, are Teachers!
Teachers of the way of the lord. we can learn by example; God's laws at work, in the outer world. we should all embrace the goodness of the world, art, and creativeness, bring them into our souls.
Whereas the other Way would have us all shun the world, deny nearly life itself! to feel Guilty for even taking up space and breathing Oxygen!

I think and feel that the Lord wants us all to be "co-creators" with Him, in the upper heavens, thus He would use the "Carrot" of the creativness and beauty", to pull the "mule" of our souls Onwards and upwards through the progressive planes of spirit, more than the "whip" applied to our read ends, the whip of the "bible-thumping" rants on the hell-fear fire and brinstone..."you will burn in hell forever if ye do not repent"!

I heartedly choose the Celtic way of Christianity!

I have to stop, here, as I have to become involved with the next chair computer user who needs to do reasearch about his glaucoma and the veteran's disibility system, so i will close here.