Wednesday, May 25, 2005


image006, originally uploaded by markwgallagher.


[the oncoming sandstorm appoaching the Iraq airbase.]

I post this photo, not only to rave about that
flicker site, but that there is an option, in flickr, that
"blows me away" [pun intended!]!

As one looks at the individual photo, on a person's photo site, in flickr, there is an option for "all sizes"
at the top of the photo. when clicked on, the orignal uploaded photo comes up, in its ORIGINAL SIZE! often that means a "huge photo", fills nearly all of the monitor screen, like of that
sandstorm photo, here.
[go to the link to try this!
There is something about "looking through a huge window" compared to "peering through a peephole", that makes a photo seem near as real as life, as if one is using the computer monitor *as* a window! This sandstorm was awesome, no comparison, in its huge size. of couse some original photos might be seen sidewise, or even smaller, but i think that the high quality, hi res photos, were uploaded in the large size format!
[try this on the link for the german village photo, if i had posted it, further back down, on the blog!]

I am Impressed!