Friday, May 27, 2005

I replied to someone, on a forum , to how this person writes that she dreams her dreams where she is not herself, but another person, in her dreams! She "is" that other person. I write about how I also experience this.

ever since about 1980, I have many, if not most, of my dreams have it where I
seem to BE someone else! The only common denominator seems to be that this has
to be an out of body dream where I go to one of the heavenworlds where we all go
to after we die.

I have seen and done things that this here Freestone guy would never ever in
his waking life do!

Things like a gay orgy with 20 naked men all writhing together as a group orgy!


how many way have I relived someone's death, let me not count the ways!

shooting. Falling off of a cliff. Drowning. Accidents....

I have seen Saddam, I have sat in Russian homes, Iraq cafes, French farms...Or
at least the astral equivalents.

I am beginning to feel, myself, that the ways of heaven itself are changing so
that "indivuality" will not mean what it means here on earth! I suspect that
we all will exchange bodies there as a normal thing. If I meet someone, I will
not talk about my life, he will re-live it!

I cannot now afford to have any bias towards any way of life or culture as I
Have Sometimes been there. Living AS a black man, in one dream. Doing satanic
rituals, in another. The gay orgy, more than one time. A woman too...

Thus any "ism" on earth, like alcoholism, in someone, why in heaven I might
spend heaven years living that earthly guy that I met, living as his

eventually, in the higher heavens, I suspect that only counsciouness IS! Anyone
can be anyone.
thus...If you do not like someone, here on earth, that "dislike" is a Touching,
a bonding" and you will live that in heaven. And he/she, you!
...And I think that this change has only been going on for 20 or 30 years, in
heaven [earthtime]. Something new in heaven, part of the "new heavens new
earth" that the bible writes of, after the end times finishes.

--- In, "C... Wrote:

> I do this as well... Seeing through another's eyes.

> I have "tuned in" to others too...
[another person replies that she too dreams her dreams as if she were another person, experiencing though that
person's eyes!]

> C.....
[my reply to her]

Hi C..., hi all!

I believe that this is Interesting Stuff! Important Stuff!

Not only am I amazed at all of this, I feel that this type of dreaming is relatively "new"; has occurred only within the last 40 or so years. I would imagine that this has always occurred, but since 1960, more people have experienced this. Perhaps in the earlier past, only "adepts" who were Initiated and old old souls have had dreams like of this, or "ordinary" people during times of great Importance, in their dreams lives as they lived on earth.
But, nowadays, more of the "ordinary" middle aged souls experience this, and experience this more, during their lives.
I have a further theory: that these dreams portend a great change in the heavens too, for us all, when we get there to live, as us Astral travelers now make short trips only. That there must be some "great sea change" in the way that the heavens are being re-constituted, to reflect this "new age to come"! [after the end times...A new heaven and a new earth" {the Bible}]

and what might *be* this new heaven? [freestone only conjectures from his own astral travel experiences]
----that there is a fundamental change in what it means to be an "individual"! An individual soul. I suspect that the "old' heaven had it where when I die, I am myself, a soul called "freestone" who looks like me, only maybe at 30 years old.
but now...??
perhaps there is a fundamental difference between the "I" and "what I am aware of"! This sentence, above, sounds so abstract, but to me it is OH so revolutionary! If the "I" were inviolate, always in its Castle of self, then I would say that I live in my soul, I "am" my soul, aware of other souls around me, in, say, a room. But if the "I" were of this new order of things, then "I" is interchangeable! There is no difference between one "I" and another!
thus they can interchange at will. If I peer out of your eyes with all of your memories and feelings and mind-images, that you have, as my "outer circle" of awareness, then I am YOU!!
I ALSO suspect that this is anything but random! [oh another mind-blower!!] what would constitute my "I" becoming "your soul" would probably be through some Contact, either within the earthly
past or from some encounter in heaven. That is.....If I were to "touch" you while I and you were alive on earth, then we two could "interchange" in the afterlife. And I am not even sure an "interchange" is required either as I is I: true Merging!
---and just *what* would constitute a "Contact"?!! Well, for sure, two souls relating with each other, even for a minute. But I THINK there is more! From my own experience, I sense that even if I look at a photogragh of a person, or hear the voice. Maybe even reading, in words, about this person!
[maybe this is why the Saddam!] even people in the paper, reading about the serial killer or the boy scout leader doing good things for the boys in some small town!
but I think that there is something about the Internet, any contact there to another person is, I feel, *much* more "binding"
as the internet itself, I feel, is the spiritual analogy to the
"Vine" that is the vine of Jesus....."I am the Vine and ye all are the branches thereof", where the internet is the earthly analogy for
the interconnectedness of all souls through the Christ, in heaven!

now for the "mindblowing" aspect of this! The Manner of the contact will translate to how I "receive" it as you when I am you, in heaven! Oh so so "abstract" but what this means in actuality
is...If I, a husband, verbally abuse my wife, while we live together on earth, in the afterlife, I will EXPERIENCE, as her, all of her feelings, heightened and intensified as per how heaven does this
"intensification", all of her feelings resulting from my abuse!!

in a sentence.
"what goes around comes around".
"what ye do unto others, ye do to yourself"!


If you give out love, you will get that as you experience as the person you loved, this love.

-----As I will briefly elaborate: since about 1980, any dream that I have, I never ever can be now sure that it is I, freestone" that is doing the experience of this dream! That dream where I approached Saddam: would he had also seen me looking like the earthly Freestone Wilson, or would he have seen me as someone he knew, a fellow Iraqian?! I do not know. [I wonder how it will be, some day, as surely I will have to do this, to live *AS* Saddam?!
to experience some or all, of his life?]
I can think of a valid reason: suppose in a "counseling/soul healing" sense, if I were a healer, I would become the "I" of Saddam where I =the I of Saddam; one I for two souls. I would then remember the few good experiences that "I" had, in my childhood, the few wonderful experiences that might have made Saddam a kinder man.
In effect, by having myself recall them, Saddam recalls them, where he could not do it on his own. Thus in a sense, as he "remembers"
his childhood, he can go back to that state and then with the help of other Teachers, begin to Start from There, to begin a positive soul journey upwards in progression of spirit.

[another idea: that this type of "I = I" dreaming, is being done, now, more by souls that are in earthly trainings to become soul
counselors and healers, in the afterlife realms. Maybe after the great 2005-2011 disasters send from 2% TO 80% of the world's souls into heaven faster, then Spirit needs all the helpers than can Enlist, for this "career". I, myself, have been Told, that I will
be a such healer, after I die!]

anyway: using this Saddam dream as an example, my suspicion is that I am not done with him by any means.

well, I have rambled on long enough perhaps...Time to post this, but
as I now walk the earth, in my daily walks, anyone that I meet, whether a young girl, a homeless psychotic, a office clerk, an alcoholic, a gay man: I AM EACH ONE OF THEM, in, now, a profound profound sense!! And, I will have to do "psychic ecology", as I think and feel about each person that I meet upon the street, I would now want to feel good about