Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hi all....

I was reminded of this interesting little "something" the other day!

I once read that in the late middle ages, there was a great revival in
eastern Europe and in Spain, of Jewish kabbalist mystics.

Hard to believe or not, this is the true situation. To confirm not only the extraordinary "denominationism" in Judaism, but also the low-profile yet very real dominance of the Kabbalists over Judaism?s quasi-anarchic splinter groups, we call on the statements of several knowledgeable Jewish observers:

Hasidic Judaism, for example, one of the larger groups, was founded by...

"Israel ben Eliezer (1700-1760).... He and his disciples attract many followers and establish numerous Hasidic sects. The European Jewish opponents of Hassidim (known as Mitnagdim) argue that one should follow a more scholarly approach to Judaism. Some of the more well-known Hasidic sects include Breslover, Lubavictch (Chabad), Satmar, Gerer, and Bobover Hasidim...." 1

That?s five "denominations" in just the Hasidic sects that are "well-known".

A perceptive Hasidic Jew living in Minnesota, USA tells us further that:

"...there are lots of different groups [of Hassidim]. Lubovitchers are best known...but there are many other Hasidic groups [that] are equally important in the Hasidic world..

Before the Holocaust, there were a lot more Hasidic sects...than there are today. Some of the better known ones...are: Amshinov, Alecsander, Belzer, Bobover, Bostoner, Boyaner, Breslov, Ger (Gur),Karlin-Stoliner, Kloisenberger, Lubovitcher (Chabad), Modzitzer, Muncatz, Radziner, Satmar, Skvirer, Slonimer, Tauscher, Vizhnitzer, etc., etc., etc.
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The article that I read says that a large group of these kabbalist mystics had somehow "gotten" a message that sometime in the distant future the Age will roll over to the next age, with all the Old testament Extra Added Attractions that go with this. This number is that when
the WORD that is this number is on everyone's lips and also that this number [name] unites the world, interconnects the whole world, it is Time that the age rolls over until the next age!

I seem, in my post, to "confuse" the Name with the Number!
this is so because in Kabalism, every number can be turned in to letters, and vis-versa!

As in "numerology"!

These Jewish mystic would take the number and turn each number into the equivalent Jewish letter. "1" would be "Aleph" and "12" would
be "aleph Beth" like in "AB", of course.

just what Name is revealed from the Number?!!
the name that unites the world interconnectedly and is on
everyone's lips [the fad of the day, the "hot topic" in life and business]?

I do not recall that Number, sports fans, but I remember the letters that
are represented.

one *little* problem: the Jewish alphabet does not use VOWELS!
[the reader has to insert them himself!]
thus this numberword that infers the Time of the age roll over, is nothing but a series of consonants, and *YOU* have to find vowels for them!

NM is "name"
BKMRK is "bookmark"!

I know this series of consonants, there are only four of them, and when this set of four letters is the "fad" of the whole world and connects everyone to another, Tis Time for the Change!
[minus vowels, of course!]


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