Friday, May 06, 2005

hi all....

our society might "flip" into another state OR end, soon, I feel, from such as these two examples, alone, below!!

first example.

Necker Cube
The figure-ground reversal seen in the cube is a well know visual effect. Depending on your focus, the top left square may seem closest, then the bottom right square. The same information is perceived very differently based on your mental point of view. In any communications, seeing other points of view, helps to crystallize your own.
The cube appears in one reference, then this drwing flip flops into another shape, another cube, within seconds!

second example.


a book.
"Hating Women : America's Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex"

Book Description
"I have been stunned to see the growing misogyny in our culture, and even more shocked to see how little women seem to care about their degradation."
--Shmuley Boteach, in Hating Women
Even a cursory look at our popular culture reveals an alarming trend of misogyny. Look closer, and it becomes clear that men alone are not to blame; women themselves are playing into the hands of the money-grubbing, morally bankrupt, sex-obsessed culture that is exploiting them as the ultimate cheap commodity. Shmuley Boteach, the bestselling author and leading national radio host, is all for women embracing their feminine power, but he observes that many women are, if effect, doing just the opposite. Paris Hilton actively exposes her flesh and ignorance in equal parts. Pop music princesses like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson rely far more on shameless exhibitionism than musical talent. And look at all the reality television shows -- from The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? and Average Joe to Extreme Makeover -- that boost their ratings by portraying women as viciously competitive, desperate for celebrity and riches, imbecilic and ignorant, and all too eager to serve themselves up as generic eye-candy for men. Meanwhile, girls and women across the country are following this lead.

In ages past, women were venerated for their nobility, dignity, grace, inner strength, and nurturing qualities, but contemporary society is rapidly reversing those ideals -- as well as all the social progress that women have made in recent decades. Today, women typically confuse freedom and power for promiscuity and exploitation, and allow men to treat them as objects of sexual gratification -- not as admirable human beings who have the ability to elevate the whole of society.

In Hating Women, Boteach asserts that four vulgar archetypes of women have come to saturate our culture: the Greedy Gold Digger, the Publicity Seeking Prostitute, the Brainless Bimbo, and the Backstabbing Bitch. But the nefarious archetypes don't stop with women; they breed and encourage four equally offensive types of men: the Crotch-Scratcher, the Harem Gatherer, the Selfish Spouse, and the Porn Addict. Misogyny, in the guise of entertainment, is reaching a fever pitch, and we are on the verge of a social crisis.

Boteach envisions a way to correct this downward spiral -- which he sees as far more than just a feminist issue. Now is the time, he says, for men to start respecting women and for women to start respecting themselves. Women must band together and fight back for their rightful place of honor. For anyone who has ever wondered where our popular culture is taking us, Hating Women is at once an electrifying social commentary and a clarion call for change.

[my comment]
the book commentary does not write about the author's further observations: that the roles are reversing in a profound manner where the
"active aggressiveness" is now being taken over by the women, furthermore, a woman's best friend is now becoming another woman
LESBIANISM as a result, as a way to go.
In the men, the only way a man can find his traditional caring and nurturing pardner is to have another man as a pardner, thus HOMO is the new way to go, as only homo men, with each other, now exhibit 'tenderness, deepness, and close feelings", once held by the woman!!
[a social observation on the writer's part, he does not promote lesbos/gayness!]
[end of my comment]

---a review, a user review, says this, in part, on the book......
.........As he so clearly points out (on page 5), dehumanizing a group, historically, has been a prelude to oppression of that group. He makes excellent parallels between racist dehumanization and that of women. (Example: he speculates about the audience for a show like "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire," one where members of an ethnic minority compete for the friendship of a man they think is wealthy.)

The book is a call for women in particular to speak out, and a lamentation on women's silence.

Certainly, since the '70s, women who protested have been accused of being against either free speech or sex; usually by the same liberals who unconditionally support the right of protest for other groups.

Such accusations have so effectively smothered free and open discussion that we have today a society where hate can proceed, unchecked, to unbelievable extremes. Worse still, women themselves have taken up the banner of accusing activists of being agaist sex/freedom/whatever. The author has run into that on several occaisions. His thoughtful rebuttals were refreshing to read.

Perhaps it's ironic that it takes a man, a loving husband and caring father, to speak out on this issue. In this culture, sadly, it is true that a man's still word carries greater weight than a woman's.

On another level, for me at least, it is what I have been wanting to see, but have despaired I ever would: a man standing up for women, against this male privilege of dehumanizing entertainment. A man who realizes that, yes, this affects and endangers the girls and women he cares about and that yes, it is the role of the true man, and all good human beings, to stand against it.


*now* that i have "built for you a barn" now i can add my "weathervane" to the top of it, my point for this inferred prophecy!

society is "necker-cubing"! the roles are reversing! women are losing nurturing as a way of life. Men can only find this in another man who is also nuturing. almost as *if* the "new way" is to have a masculine woman
have a relationship with a tender caring loving man!

do not ask me about the KIDS?!

This is not holdible, not tenable, not workable! I can sense why the christian fundamentalists call out that "our sinfull ways[of this] will call out God's wrath upon us all, and bring on the end times!!

this cannot Hold! Thus i fear that the Edge of the Cliff, is about to appear
for our Ship of State of humanity, about to fall off of that cliff at the edge of the world, the world is thus FLAT, and that this "cliff" is the edge of Time, the Time that a civilization is permitted to have its day upon the Stage of this material world!!