Saturday, April 02, 2005

Interesting discussion at my Autism support group today!

we all talked about how "cliques" form, from any random forming of a group of people.
At first, the group is vibrant with Ideas and discourse. later, the group forms a kind of "clique" where no outsiders are really permitted to join! soon it is "us against them". no new ideas are then permitted, the group slowly dies, as nothing new is talked about, they would rather die than accept a new person or a new idea!

this seems to hold for companies, groups, countries, mailing lists, and bullitan boards!

the Autistic person, as he never learned, really, the social signals, is really
at risk here, as he will very easy offend everyone, in talk or in writings, as
he will ALWAYS say or write the "wrong thing" no matter how carefully he words his words! he will trample upon the "rights and sensibilities" of others as he really is clueless: can the color-blind person see all the colors?! NO!

I once joined a autism aspergers list and i introduced myself as..."a single 63 year old man who thinks in picture images and is right brained. no one replyed, no one welcomed me. *then* i got a private messege that says that this writer, who gives the private messege is the only picture person there on this large list! "the moderator, and most of the group utterly DISLIKES non-verbal autistic people", he wrote to me to warn me! And that this here group was supposed to promote tolerance of autistic people *as* autistic people, without them being "cured"!! I guess what they really really wanted was a castle with a no-tresspassing sign on the gate, a locked gate!

I have had a number of these "private messeges" over the months, from all my lists, warning me about "so and so...."!

then, in my own weblog[s], i often get flamed as i inadvertly tread on someone's toes. I have often been told that i am INSANE! "you need a therapist, NOW"!
"become saved in the glory of jesus christ"!

no tolerance!

I figure that i will end up stepping on many many toes, as i continue to live. in these days, on can get flamed or even killed, just by writing, saying, something that someone else does not like!

I knew someone who became a vegetarian, and her relatives gave to her a bit of static. then she chose to go back to eating meat because of her health and her expewctant baby. Boy! she got a royal shock as the vegetarian "friends" that she had made, in the meantime, were very VERY Ugly to her! I have found this too...a "revolutinary against the revolutionaries", gets hit upon the hardest!