Tuesday, April 26, 2005


a rainy day in Oregon, from a site, expresses what I wish to comment on for today!

here I was in a "all you can eat" place, in normally sunny Tallahassee, 92 days a year of 90 degrees high temp. The older couple sitting next to me were talking. I listened to a conversation, a conversation that I really have heard ten thousand times before!

what happened was this: the older man got up from his table and wandered slowly up to get seconds. I noted the "hospital blood test bandage wrap" on his arm. He
walked very very slowly up to the counter. While he needed no help, I could read his stroke damage in his walk. His wife waited patently for his return.
when he came back, a sever lady came over to talk to them, they must see her often. The sever then began to talk about her chemotherapy, and then he about his pains. Then both of them commented about all of the criminals out loose and all of the deviants that are out there.
the Summation of the talk, the "catharsis" of the "payoff", of the talk was......When both of them said, "one can never be TOO secure, we both LOCK those doors *real* tight when we go home and we do NOT go out!"

two old people, born in the days of old, 1920+, and now the Times are too too much!
they see deviants and Threats lurking all over, all of the time. I noted, though, that their worst threats were their own diseases and conditions! Their own body betrayals. The "deviant's' is on the inside!

but there is WORSE! I sensed this, at my dinner, when they got up and left!
the worst thing about their comments about the locks was the Tone of their feelings, as if their feelings really summed about 50 years of inner attitudes about life and the Greater life of their souls! *that* is the real "devianty" here! Their own worst enemy is inside not their bodies, but inside their souls!

And not even the attitude either!! Probably not only is their "negetiveness"
coming from within, but probably they project and reflect upon the outer world, the
"demons" and "deviants" that are within their own souls! The parts of themselves that are their Jungian Shadow, the parts of themselves that they do not want to recognize.

thus...They may live in a never-ending rainy day, with a very very little view onto the horizon, their soulview is very limited. And it never ends, the sun does not come out! And they Bond to others in rapport, their are many Kindred souls out there.

How could I, or anyone, get them to see the sun, the sun that is always there, rain or not? Even when in Stroke or cancer, the sun still shines. Even when Florida seems to have a child killer per month, the sun still shines. I lack the counseling skills, or even the skills to "talk them into happiness", as almost certainly they are Masters at getting people to agree with their attitudes!

There was a character in the "Dogpatch" newspaper comics of the 50s, a guy called "Splckch" [the pronunciation of the "word" of a person spitting on the ground].
He had a raincloud over his head, just for him, and it followed him everywheres he went!