Monday, April 11, 2005

Hi all....

I cut my computer gaming teeth on the game MYST. A very impressive game for its day.

was only years later that I read where some spiritual person or in-spirit Guide wrote, "often the very first of some art-production has Embedded
collective spirit-given material in it; advice for the present or for the future"!

...And it was even later that there was something very very strange about that game!
The first thing was that in the planetarium, there are three dates, one of which is sathya sai baba's birthday!
November 23, 1926, even though the number in the game, for the year, is different.
The Core number solutions, for the game, are "59' and "724".
In one of the major "ages" there is a ruined city with only the clock tower
standing, with a clockhands frozen at 2:00, 2 o-clock.

Satya wrote or spoke...."That I have now all of me here now incarnated, now I am ready to begin my mission" [my words]
He spoke of this in 1941

simple math follows.....
59 + 1941 = 2000
74 + 1926 =2000
Amazing: those two core numbers add to the year the clock stopped, the end of an age....

there are three endings to the game.

There are actually four endings to this game. The previous section described
the successful ending, but there are three other scenarios that happen when
you fail. Each is worth seeing once you have completed the game properly.
They occur when you do one of the following:

1.) Bring the final Blue Page to Achenar
2.) Bring the final Red Page to Sirrus
3.) Return to Dunny (D'Ni) without the White Page

In both the first two scenarios, you return the page to the book, then find
yourself looking up at the library, with the brother looking back. It
doesn't take long to realize that you are now trapped in the book and they
are free. The brothers laugh in delight in either scenario. Sirrus makes
note to call you a fool, while Achenar giggles with giddiness. Both brothers
then start ripping pages from the books, and the signal grows less and less
clear. Finally, after half a dozen pages are removed, the screen fades to
black. You are now trapped inside the books forever...

The third possible ending occurs if you return to (or enter) Dunny without
the White Page. You can enter it at any point by clicking the picture, so
you must be careful when talking to Atrus. When you approach Atrus without
the page, he is shocked at first, then slams his fist down and calls you a
fool, wondering why you did not heed his warnings. He then relaxes and tells
you: "You and I will live here... forever." You can pick up and see the Myst
linking book, but it does not work. Atrus goes back to writing and will not
speak with you again. All you can now is wander about Dunny[the spirit world], passing the
remainder of eternity.

I post this ending possibilities in detail, as even as I once completed the successful ending, the Game told me to..."Now that you have completed the mast, feel free to wander about the main island, visit the library...Etc..Etc..."
I had considered that that was all.


there was yet ANOTHER ending to this game, an ending that they took out before that game was released!!

Once, in a gamestore, I was browsing the game "cheat", walkthough, gameguides, and I found one for that Myst game. As I had finished the game already, I read the end. In addition to the endings, above, the guide listed yet another ending that one could do! When one wandered about the island, after the game end, one could go to the gearbox on top of the rock and then enter a code that would cause all the volcanoes to erupt and then the world of Myst will be destroyed! I asked the counter
salesclerk about this Guide, and he told me that the game *had* that possible ending, but just before release, but after this book had gone to print, they took that ending out, then released the game!
Thus, it no longer exists in the game, no "myst endtimes"!

s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g tells me......

the Hidden message, encoded in the game, to me, seems to be both simple and to be Profound: that Sai baba, or others, had encoded that
the year 2000 was to be a very very important "score line", an important marker of the turn of the ages, and that at that point, the previous age
*could* be destroyed! Physically destroyed! All of the "action" of the New Age would be only in the Spirit worlds, with no earth civilization, or even many people, below on the material earth; maybe NO people left on the material earth!

Other possibilities were...

1...sai baba, the Christ, the masters, and us, fail to have this new age
Activated, so that all of the masters sit alone in the new world of spirit, still the old world of spirit, the old heavens; no changes on earth,
humanity remains the same, and the "new heavens" do not change either!
2...One, or both, of the brothers get Activated, but not Humanity: negativity WINS, maybe a terrible WW III results, as if all of the demons
rush to enter the earthsphere UNSAVED, and just as they demonicly still are, in their evils, along with all of the fallen human souls, to flood the material world with their arrival and of their 25,000 year collective hatreds and evils!
3...The new age is activated, any lost soul that enters from the hellworlds, is healed, all of us go on to the next spirit level, and the earthsphere
is not ruined, life, more or maybe a bit less, goes on, and then the next
"earthclass" of souls can have a good connection to the spirit worlds, better than of the pre-2000 year times.

But I am impressed how, using this MYST-analogy metaphor, that the utter destruction of that Myst island was programmed into the game
but was taken out. But by then, the guidebooks were already written.

get my drift, Prophecy readers?!!
Guides and walkthroughs, for the age roll-over, have already been written, long before that 2000 date-point arrives:they are called "PROPHECIES"! Then the actual "gameplan" is altered, but the manuals and guides already exist here on earth, many of which were written years and years ago.

also, if there is a "psychological" message to my Myst metaphor, I can add yet this: that in any personal changes, like of dying to go to heaven, or even to just move to another city or to another job, I could say that one
should accept the new place, without bringing over to this new place any of the old negativities from the old environments! Too, one should not have "bad feelings" directed to the old place just left, as these negative feelings will poison the new place also!

but again: I am really impressed over this "myst thing"! I wonder how many old "nostradomic" prophecies, like of the Edgar cayce earthchanges
ones, were written in spirit *as* a reality, as a real event-to-be, in at least as a possibility, but were Removed from the "game", as the "game"
began to play out, so that now these prophecies are seen by us all to be "wrong". No. Not wrong, just now a guidebook on a dusty shelf, where the "realtime" events have had a ?? "Hand" change the outcomes; but of course these older prophecies still are written, set in stone, in a "printed page" fashion, as one cannot "uncreate" a physical object, like of a book about Edgar Cayce prophecies! But the event foreseen no longer exists!