Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Schiavo case!

---there is something about her that I do not think that the Christian supporters of having her live, have considered!

Suppose she lives, the tube is reinserted.

One year from now, suddenly she wakes up!
After the preliminary surprise, of her awakening, she produces an even GREATER

---She ten tells everyone that she remembers each and every moment of those years
that she spent in heaven! 5 years? 10 years? Been awhile, and she can remember every single scene. She not only can recall every conversation with her own long dead relatives, she can recall

her long long Talks with


A long LONG Near death Experience!

imagine the testimony!! If she then writes a book, maybe ten books, just imagine what testimony she could be giving about how life is eternal, and even more importantly, the reality, perhaps, of the Presence of Jesus in the heavens and
thusly His Presence *as* a being, for all of us here on earth, though his Inspirations.

Oh the Christians know that already, but what if a living person were to live in heaven for years and then come back with a Report from the front!!