Friday, March 18, 2005

Saint John's Episcopal church, in Tallahassee, where I live...From someone's picture of an old post card. I go there often for a lunch, in their cafe!

very very interesting dream last night.
extree----eemly interesting, as it probably means my "life or death"!!

I went to visit an astral location, in last nights dream, march 18th. I have often gone there, I see, now, I have often gone to visit this place, a combination of "new York state old farmer's world", my father called it that when he visited me about two years after he died.
there are now "hippies' there, communes and new agers!!

Apparently there is "my house", a house that I am going to live in very very soon after I die.

Last night someone told me that NOW I am not to get this house, that someone else
is supposed to have it! This is the second such event where another "home", in heaven, one that I am supposed to live in, is given to someone else!!
Then, I was told a number!

the other day someone wrote to me an e-mail telling me his interpretation of a couple of years ago dream of mine where my deceased friend Sam came to me to tell me
this endless phrase
"2005DF...2005DF...2005DF" over and over maybe 20 times!

Death of Freestone in 2005?? [D]eath of [F]freestone

I wondered *more* than a bit over this, but was not too concerned as almost always such dreams, for ME, are symbolic of something else.

well this email person suggested that I look at the dream in terms of letter
number values. a=1 b=2 etc...etc....
for MY way of other such numbers, interpetation this 2005DF
is such that the "2" remains.
thus 200546

Death of Freestone:2007!!

and the "56", in my last night's dream?!!

march 18th to my June 28th birthday is 102 days. 56 + 56 = 102!


If I interpret this aright, I *had* several homes and careers already set up for me
in heaven when I die, but there has been an "extension" of some time, perhaps to 2007
thus all of my places and heaven career job-slots, have been given to someone else, and they will not be there when I arrive!!