Monday, March 14, 2005

Interesting astral experience the other day!

In this dream I was standing at the edge of a hill, looking off in the distance. I could see far far off, in this lush land of some heavenworld. I could see houses and hills and many trees.
I then peered downwards towards the bottom of the hill, and there I saw something "out of this world"!

--as if I was peering over the land of yet a different world! There were
large buildings, a city really, set amongst the hills and trees.

I was struck, not by the land itself, but by how where I was standing seemed to be an intersection where two entire heavenworlds intersected! I could choose one or the other, perhaps, to walk into. But not both. both looked very very nice.

I then woke up.
the only "message" here, perhaps, is that there are SO many heavenrealms, so many worlds, each apparently separate from each other, like of radio stations along the dial.

there may be millions of these worlds!!