Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I had an interesting dream last night of sorts!

One of those ASTRAL travel experiences.
Very strange "story" to this dream! I apparently, as this dream began, was some sort of drafted soldier-to-be, in some rag-tag army that was going to invade western Russia! The whole dream was in "period" decor and buildings, as if I were tapping in to someone's personal event from 1700 or thereabouts!
I trained with the other 40+ troops, if we were good enough we all would be accepted. The quartermaster told us to go to the nearby village to buy heavy wool mittens and boots and other winter gear, as now all of us had passed.

Into this 1800 town I began to walk. All of a sudden a young, very pretty lady, came running up to me, and then she told me with very emotional great excitement that
she, or "they", had a substitute person who would take my place in the ranks and thus I would not go to the Front. This person would substitute himself for me, be
the person to take my place as a drafted soldier!

I then kissed her in gratitude, thankful that I did not now have to face Killing people, but as I kissed her, she faded away before my eyes, as if she were a spirit from a higher plane [probably]!

end of dream.

A week ago, I pondered my last year's dream warnings about how I was told that
I had but one year to get ready [to die], and yet another that said, given on may 9th
of 2004, "by this time next year you will be living in a place far far beyond anything that you can imagine now"!

in the site
---a site devoted to a channeled series of messages, the Guide says this,

"Due Dates
Now what I am going to tell you will be a bit difficult for you to imagine or believe. Every human has 3 due dates. In most cases the first 2 pass by with some sickness or minor accident (or maybe a major illness or accident), but the 3rd is somewhat final. I say ?somewhat? because just before that final date, a human can bargain for some more time from another human.

This is done absolutely unconsciously, as your subconscious mind bargains with your friend?s, relative?s, or even a stranger?s subconscious mind and takes over his/her life time.

Now how exactly does this happen? I will give you a TRUE example. This happened when we were alive in your world, but we had absolutely NO idea that it happened like this. It was only when we arrived here that we came to know.

It happened in our own family. My dearest Dad?s 3rd due date was nearing. Somehow, he felt that his time was nearing, and, at the same time, he was due to undergo surgery. He went to friends and relatives saying, ? this is the last time I will meet you all.? Well, he was admitted to the hospital a day before the operation, and that evening my Mom?s cousins Goola and Mani came to visit my Dad. They had a nice time chatting and laughing with my Mom and Dad, and they went back home.

The next day, during my Dad?s operation, we were all tense, and, as soon as Dad was brought out of the operating theatre, a phone call came through saying that Goola had died suddenly. Well, we never thought of this at that time, but now that we are in the Spirit World we know what happened.

Goola was blind (almost), and she had nothing to live for, while our Dad had our family and our love to live for. He wanted to live ? she wanted to die. So both of their subconscious minds bargained and my Dad?s subconscious mind borrowed Goola?s life time.

It seems strange to you, I understand, but it is true.

Well, if you consciously try to, it will NEVER be done. So for God?s sake, DON?T break your head trying to borrow someone?s life time.

You will ask whether it can happen to anyone and everyone. Well, it entirely depends on your and his/her subconscious mind, and whether there is a genuine need for you to live ? maybe to finish your work or protect your dear ones and/or to improve and reach a higher realm. Besides, the one who lends his/her life time also MUST have finished his/her work and have nothing more to live for, and, further, if God Almighty does not want that person to live more in your world. "


I had first read this about a month ago when I first saw this site. I then, knowing that I had already passed at least TWO such "one year to live" events, and was told that I had an extension, I gave this 2005 time such probabilities.
In fact I offered to Spirit in prayer, about a week ago, for such a "substitution"
if it pleases spirit and is best for all including myself!

maybe now the interpretation of this march 8th, today's, dream might be clear!!