Thursday, March 03, 2005

hi all!
an article caught my eye this morning, got me to thinking about something.....but first the article: i post all of it as there is a Tone that i want to communicate, here!

Mindless, cowardly rage thrives on anonymity

By Karen Heller

[via the tallahassee Democrat, Thu, Mar. 03, 2005

His name is Andy. Just Andy. He's upset and angry and so he calls on Sunday, when he suspects no one will answer, and lets it rip.

The column is dumb and meandering and so, by inference, is its author. Yet he starts to agree with the premise, while revealing more misogyny than is good for the workplace or romance, unless one favors masochists.

Then he hangs up. No number, no last name.

Alas, Andy is not alone, simply this week's sweetheart. He's average in such hostility, matched only by his cowardice.

Rudeness is epidemic in our culture, and anger lashes out at the slightest provocation. E-mail and voice mail, designed to ease life, have given rise to malice with little forethought.

Consequently, machines complicate matters, not technically but emotionally. Eruptions arrive without warning from strangers, like the hand rising from below in Carrie. There's rage in the machines.

Historically, anonymity served as a gentle cloak to mask affection. Consider the misunderstood letters in "Twelfth Night" or "Cyrano" or Ernst Lubitsch's "The Shop Around the Corner."

E-mail and voice mail, though, behave like bullets from a masked assailant. There's a legion of folks nursing huge wrath with too much time on their hands, waiting to correct, judge or attack - or, if they're feeling particularly generous, all three. Such missives are rarely kind. These days, no one wants to do anything nice without credit.

What gives? Life is better for most Americans, yet we're furious. Not all attacks are surreptitious; some assaults are full-frontal, though the tendency is to strike at strangers. A woman flips the bird because she's restless to enter a store, ignorant that manners dictate the person exiting takes precedence.

Politics utilizes the polarizing language of war, each side sure the other has launched a first offensive, which renders conciliation impossible. And, as I've noted before, all those chest-thumping ribbons and flags are partially rooted in fury and scorn. There's no need to boast when you're feeling swell.

There's class warfare. We're mad at the rich, though obsessed with aping their affectations. Schadenfreude is in full flower. Meanwhile, there's contempt for the poor, whom some wish would simply disappear.

Indignation isn't confined to large issues; minuscule infractions set it off. We're impatient and angry, every slight perceived as a conspiracy. Each day brings fresh indignation. Hooked on speed, people harrumph about waiting in short lines. Drivers behave as though other vehicles are the enemy. Complaint is a national sport. People get mad over garbage. I mean, absolute nonsense. A reader once attacked me in the most venomous, personal way imaginable because I had the temerity to criticize - get this - a television show.

We live in a state of vexation, despite so many improvements in technology and efficiency. Our culture of dissonance rewards hostility as entertainment. Acrid disaffection is perpetuated on talk radio and cable news, where interrupted shouting is accepted as discourse. Sports boils down to grievances and thugs.

Television thrives on loutish behavior and dismissal, being booted off the island, the stage, out of the boardroom. It's humiliation as theater, snarkiness as creativity. The nastier the terminator, the brighter his astral burn.

We've become amateur pugilists because combative behavior is the accepted norm. Louts behave spontaneously out of anger, then let others deal with the consequences, mopping up the mess. We're all maids to their muck and hostility.

The only response is to take a yoga class or get a massage, because the truth is you often have to pay strangers to be nice to you these days.

There are fewer rewards for civility, and manners have completely evaporated. I'm telling you, e-mail and voice mail, aired attacks and flipped birds at strangers are easy, mindless, and cowardly. It's kindness that takes work.


Now i will post a part of an article, you can go read all of it.

The increasing amount of water vapor in the atmosphere brings about a greenhouse effect whereby heat is trapped in the atmosphere and prevented from escaping into space. The warming oceans and atmosphere causes changes in global weather patterns. Solar storm cycles have more to do with global warming than anything mankind has ever been able to do. Ice ages and warming periods in earth's past geological history reflect periods of decreased and increased solar storm activity. Global warming is a sign of increasing turbulence and upheavals within the interior of the planet. This is linked to increasing disturbances known to be occurring in the sun. But every so many thousands of years the Sun undergoes an especially turbulent Sunspot cycle of extended duration. During these periods of heightened solar storm activity, the earth becomes more electrically active and produces unusually high internal temperatures. It is no coincidence that we are experiencing global warming during the apex of the current solar maximum. NASA is now calling a double cycle because of the extended and unusual duration of Sunspot activity. This indicates the Sun is currently in one of it's cyclic periods of unusual heightened activity - The Resurgent Sun.

The ultimate outcome of all of this will be the redistribution of balanced weight differentials within the spinning globe. As internal temperatures continue to rise and pressure builds, enormous volumes of magma excited by this additional heat move within the earth with ever increasing turbulence and force. Earthquake and volcanic activity increase as pressure rises and the turbulent magma currents buffet tectonic plates floating above and vent to the surface where possible. The increasing movement of magma within the earth shifts internal mass and weight. Iron


The topic is only one of many that are findiable in Google and on this Forum too.
There is, for instance, and article somewheres that tells how the earth's magma is being stimulated, heated, and becoming more "fluid"! thus more plate movements and volcanics!
then there is yet another article that describes how some scientists are in "a near panic' over finding that the earth is being increasingly bathed in cosmic ray-type of radiation!
furthermore, the Sun is getting somewhat unstable.

you all Know The News....

I have now "built the barn", now i can give to you all my WEATHERVANE!
[storytellers have to build and build and bulid yet more, the background, before they can even begin to tell their story, 80% of storytelling is in the background: no one has the time today to tell or to listen.....]

I walked up to see my friend Sam, from my rural parents home, one afternoon, in the 70s. i was staying for months with my mother, helping her with her 100-cat cat kennel, after she broke her foot. my friend lived next door, he was a farmer, and he specialized in wheat.
i had come up to his barn late in the afternoon, well after supper; he had long finished putting his harvested grain into the barn's grain rooms, which filled all of the upper story of this huge huge new york state old barn. I met him in his workroom, which was directly under all of the grain.
as i entered and sat in a chair near him, i noted right away that sam was very very "agitated" physicly, as if he had "attention deficet syndrome"! [he never ever is this way, normally!] In fact sam was nearly "psycho" in fidget, in "off the wall" acting and commentings!
Then as i sat there with him for a few minutes, i too, began to feel as if anything that i thought or felt, would "unport" or "run away" into a kind of over acting out, over reactingness, as if i would get "angry" normally, in a felt reaction to something, to about "10" on the scale: now here, i would feel that i would get angry about on a scale of "50", for the

very same "somthing" that would have, out side of the barn, only had me give out a "10", before.

All of a sudden sam pointed up to the huge barn beam that was directly over his head, the main beam of this barn that was now supporting umpteen tons of wheat, tons and tons of wheat that he had just unloaded all afternoon long, and thus he was now "relaxing" in his workroom, after that last wagon was unloaded.
this beam, to him, and to me too, was seen as looking "psychedelic"!!
I could actually see this beam looking "fuzzy" as if i could see all of the molecules undergoing great stress due to the Load of wheat above it!!
the whole beam was rippling and sparkling as if the surface was really a "fluid"! only that beam, and nothing else, appeared this way!

Both of us then realized why we two were now "psychotic"! our brains were being sleeted, being soaked in, by the given-off radiation, given off by the beam, the wheat, the flooring, that was above our heads! that beam was under SO much stress that this stress was now visible to both of us! and all of this energy was going through our nervious systems.

we left the barn. the "antseyness' immediately went away. It took many days before this beam got "used to the load" so that the energy was calmed.

now people.
One can see my Point, even if i do not summerize much!
Here I am linking that article about our "low boiling point", collectively; to the earth's plates being under even greater stress, the fracture lines giving off more and more earthquakes, these days. In other words, the ever-increasing stress along the fault lines, is being radiated through all our brains, as the
earth, at this time, is becoming like that barn beam!!
Thus all of us are becoming ever ever the more "psychotic"! and probably will become ever the more so, in the days ahead, as the plates and poles get ever more under more geological stress! all of this off-given radiation is going though our nervious systems!

thusi give a PROPHECY, here, based solely on my example of this barn beam! a prophecy that infers that as the geological stress continues and increases, the danger of Rash Political actions [read: "war"] increases!
Riots and disorders too. and, yes, more "uncivilility" too! everyone will over-react to everything, as this radiation sleets through our brains and nervious system!
maybe a "farady cage" might help, a cage of metal fencing, surrounding the mediation chair!

anyway, i can well imagine that places like Los angeles have this "california weirdness" as a ongoing thing, even in "normal earth radiation", as LA sits right on that fault line; probably this is why they all are so 'crazy" out there in southern california! is and will be "southern california" for the whole world, and double and triple too!!