Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Cayuga lake
--a good symbol for trying to see across the water of the news, seeing it all from a vantagepoint of Distance, instead of "right up close", right in it, colored by it!

USA TODAY: an older article
----State re-enters feeding-tube fight
By Laura Parker, USA TODAY
CLEARWATER, Fla. ? The state of Florida moved to intervene Wednesday for the second time in a bitter legal battle over removing the feeding tube from a brain-damaged woman and allowing her to die.

Terry Schiavo's parents, Mary and Bob Schindler listen during hearing Wednesday.
By Tim Boyles, Getty Images

Meanwhile, a judge extended until Friday an emergency stay to keep the feeding tube in place while he decides whether Terri Schiavo should undergo new medical tests and whether to replace her husband as her guardian.


Here I sit, in Tallahassee, FL, reading yet again, again, again, about this bitter fight, the husband basically against her mother, he wants to let her die and mother says no.

no Living will.

to me, my take on this is very very simple and no one seems to Understand how simple this is!
---no mother can ever ever EVER let go of her children's welfare! No mother can ever turn against her child. No mother can ever give up on her child.

the human race and "children" can never get beyond this, as this Principle is probably "hardwired" at the deepest level of "motherings"!

So now she is an "infinite baby", on the Tube, barely alive, and her poor husband is stuck, stuck as he is now fighting the Mother archetype itself! It may take all of his Life, and while some people lament that this legal fight is taking up too too much time and effort, why maybe *your* future might depend upon the eventual resolvement of this, in your own old age!

maybe the legal involvement and media "over-engagement", is really hardly *enough*!
maybe ten times more effort should be done: will YOU have a loved one, or even yourself, on Support, a vegetable, for years...Who will pay for this all?!