Saturday, February 19, 2005

There is a book, that Haunts me!
I have no idea as to its name, probably long long out of print. It was wrote around 1978, when the carlos Cassandra books were popular and thus "permission" was given to have people write about their own Initiation into shammanism.
a grad student who has visited Mexico several times, goes again to do his grad work in anthropology. He walks the streets of the Mayan land, in south Mexico.
immediately the police arrest him and pitch him into a cell, on Friday, telling him that there are irregularities in his visa and the commissary will come Monday. There is an old man in the cell with him.
this old man turns to him and says, "Good. You are here. I brought you here, I invoked your arrest, from spirit. You are to become my disciple, as I am one of the Record keepers, one of the shammans, of the Old Ways of the mayan people's. When they release you on Monday you will come with me to the village to learn"!

it was done.
this guy was initiated. Finds out that these older men are the record keepers of the old way of the ancient Toltecs/mayas/Aztecs. They know the CORRECT time of the change of the age in 2011/12. He was told...."The white man has the date to be around 2011, but that is wrong, there was a mistake made, and copied by all the others. We know, of course, the CORRECT DATE"!

I cannot find the book anymore. Out of print, no name, no memory of the writer.
the date??!!
it was so far far off, in 1978, that I paid little attention. It was NOT 2011!
it was earlier!!
*quite* earlier!!
after 2000 but far before 2011.

maybe 2005 or 2006!!

I would love to find this book again to check!!