Friday, February 11, 2005

The other day I was reminded of a book that I read over ten years ago.

I would say that what is in this book, I found to be the very " most scary" thing that I have ever read! This book, privately printed, never got to register on any radar, never got discussed in any new age forum, the "hydrogen bomb" contained in this book, exploded where no one ever heard it!

In my hometown of about 600 people, Interlaken, NY, there is a small public library, and it is very small indeed, perhaps the bookshelves take up all of a square 20 feet by 20 feet, the genealogy room is larger! This is in a town where they build one new house every ten years! I moved back there in the early 90s, and often went to this library.
One day, in the "occult" section, I found a book, this book was the *only* book in the occult section!
---a newspaper reporter from the [?]Dundee gazette newspaper had a column called "Dundee Dreaming". She collected the dreams of the people of Dundee, NY, a small city about 50 miles away from Interlaken. Then she would print them in the column, the dreams of Dundee. For years she ran this weekly column, and she asked the people of Dundee to submit their dreams. She had once lived in Elmira, NY, and thus in the 70s and 80s had also attended the Jane Roberts Seth Speaks classes.
This book was about this column and about the dreams of the people of that city.

the greatest Dream, was the 130 dreams that people mailed in to her about the man who was drowned in the sailing accident in Seneca lake. They all dreamed that a man drowned, in literal or symbolic language. Only thing was....That the Son of a Founding family was drowned weeks *AFTER* everyone dreamed this!!
[a collective premonitional dream, from over 100 people.]

*this* chapter, while amazing enough, is not the "bomb"! The utterly amazing event that I will write on, came from her own life, as this book is a bit "autobiographical"!

She had just come from one of the Lawyer meetings, her bad marriage had now just been Severed, the divorce was now Real. Stressed her to the max, the proceedings. She wanted to come to her uncle's farm, the childhood farm where she grew up on, for all of her years of childhood, so to heal and recover. She wanted to spend some hours in the barn attic where she spent SO many hours as a child, her 'safe spot", as her own parents lives were not so loving to each other. Her uncle now owned the farm, he just bought it.
She could hear him hammering away in the house as he did some fixing up on the old farmhouse, as she came up the stairs into the attic, unchanged since she was a girl, years ago. There *was* a change, though. The old nine pane window at the end of the attic now had four panes of glass in it, instead of the nine panes that it had when she was there, twenty years ago. She then sat where she always sat, nearly every day of the week that she could get there, as a child. She must have spent 15 years, five days a week, some bit of time in that room. There was only that one window. She now could see more, now that there were only four panes, as there were fewer window frames. She then came closer to the window. She then noticed that there was dust and dirt on the window sill and then on the putty at the bases of the four window panes.
"how *could* this be?" she asked herself! She was now in quite a bit of shock, as it seemed to be apparent that her uncle had never been to repair this window, that the panes have been there for years! After all, she looked out of this nine pane window for over ten years, nearly daily!
*REALLY* in a state of shock, when she asked her uncle about this, and she was told that he had not been up there.
a photo! She knew that there was a photo collection in some room in the house. Yes, the chest was still there and in it were several old albums of musty faded photos from her childhood, taken by her parents.

she found one with that attic in the background. There were four window panes in that window!

NOW....The "floor really did drop out from under her"!! How could this BE??

[be like, sports fans, like that year old white sports car you own, you get up to go to work and find that this white car has "miraculously" turned into a raspberry PINK!! You see by the dirt on the paint that it was not painted overnight! In fact you run to look at a photo taken months ago, only to see that this car has ALWAYS been pink!!]

she finally realized that the window REFLECTED her life, now that she has gotten this divorce from a marriage made when she was only 20 or so, she now had


--and this window, so important to her growing soul, in childhood, reflected this!
More light, more freedom, more awareness. Four panes of glass; not nine.

Consider The Implications, sports fans!
--the outer "objective" world reflects your life inwardly, it changes as you change.
---many people might be able to change a "collective" reality, like of WAR or of EARTHCHANGES like of hurricanes or earthquakes.
---the weather that we have, might reflect the state of the souls of the people living under it!
--airplane contrails are "bad", thus they will make you sick in 20 seconds after
they appear in the sky, and that no doctor can deny the damaged body's symptoms!

this Dundee dreamer lady gave one more example, in this chapter! She had a friend
who took a photo with her camera, of her family, then she lost the camera before she was able to extract the film for development. She then moved five times and two of the moves were across country. Four to six years later she was one day hanging her wash on the clothesline and low and behold when she came out to the clothesline there was a camera hanging on the line. HER camera, as it had film in it and when developed, there were the pictures of her family that she took, still viewable after all those years!

the book is not listed in Google, long out of print, maybe if you were to go to the Home of the Rod Serling Twilight Zone, and visit the Library, you can check it out!
but my hometown of Interlaken, with its one room library *IS* the home of the twilight Zone, as 1955-1963 rod serling had his summer cottage there, a mile from Interlaken, on Cayuga lake: he wrote his scripts on the porch. He often was seen in town, and many of the stories used the town: "you cant go home again"...He revisited the town to walk it, the town was interlaken, I know where that carousel was!!

so ponder, if ye will, the Implications of that attic window!!