Friday, February 04, 2005

hi all,

yes yet another dream where i have "end time material"!!

I vauguely recall that last night i dreamed that i was in a house full of old junk. there were others with me, someone found a map that looked like a roadmap of a state of the usa. funny looking map, as i noted that, as i am familiar with road maps of all the states, that no city or territory was familiar in name except one, "Ithaca". this city was
at the top of the map.
we talked of 'end times" and warnings, in the dream itself, us three or four people discussed this map and its implications.
there was a broad strip of RED all across the map, as if someone overprinted the map with bright red blood colored pigment. from left to right, leaving the top free of color and then a small section across the bottom.

when i awoke, i pondered a minute. that city, "Ithaca" was the city i was born in, thus as this city was at the very very top of the map, centered in the middle of this map at the top, i figured that this map showed the progression of Time, north to south. As if one began to travel south from ithaca, i travel in my life, southwards, from that point. thus, a timeline is established.

there was a range of mountains to the south just above the red. i take this point to be
NOW, feb 3 2005.
soon the "red" will be entered. then "we" will "come out" of the red.

the others who were with me, in the dream, were a bit scared as there was that feeling that some Interesting Times are ahead, VERY close ahead!

--then again, this is just a map and a dream, could be wrongly interpeted or even wrong, period, just a spasm of my dream self!

could just be of my own impending death followed by reincarnation onto the earth, but somehow, i had not that feeling, with the wakeup thinkings or in the dream itself! the map seemed to be "objective"; coming from outside of myself, thus the map might be "collective", in warnings!

I have seen ever more such dreams from other people, of late. "heads up" i guess. perhaps this map timeline thing is "objective", coming from spirit, either a warning or perhaps something set in stone, as there seems to be, in this dream, no "corrective action" that is to be taken to keep the red from occuring!

sigh....I will have to now watch ALL my dreams and to keep all posted!!