Monday, January 10, 2005

Will the world end in 2012??!
Author: Patrick Geryl
---The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 by Patrick Geryl & Gino Ratinckx.

7 years, 11 months, 2 weeks and 2 days until the End of the World?

what will happen in 2012?
The Maya believed that their world would end on Dec 21, 2012. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost eerie feel to it. But what will happen? A global cataclysm is one possibility. Presented here is enough information to help you decide - be you an expert or a beginner.
Why the North Becomes South
Years ago I started my quest, intending to discover why pole shifts take place. I found answers that put my imaginative powers heavily to the test. But through my persistent search, I found evidences for it, telling of a highly advanced civilization that was exposed to three catastrophes. Each time, the movement of the earth?s axis was severely disrupted and the whole earth was subjected to a gigantic cataclysm.

From this we can state the following: The graph of human evolution does not appear as a straight line. Towards the end it draws steeply upwards, but after every disaster it slips tremendously quickly downwards. Priests and scientists knew this, and intertwined their knowledge with religion in order to make everybody fully aware of it. But with the passage of time, the knowledge was lost. Fourteen thousand years ago the priests knew how to decipher the secrets of polar reversals.

At present nothing is left of it, and there isn?t a single scientist now in possession of this knowledge; a catastrophic downfall in the pre-primeval age. Hopefully as many people as possible will hear my echo before it is too late. Or will they neglect the messages from our distant past?

Review of his book, the Orion Prophecy...By
Review by Geoff Stray 30/1/2002

Review of The Orion Prophecy

Part 1 : The upside

After months of waiting, The Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx was finally published in December 2001, by Adventures Unlimited. Patrick had kindly sent me the manuscript to read, about 3 months before publication, and we corresponded regarding certain aspects of the book. I decided to wait until the final version was published before reviewing the book, and I'm glad I did, because in the final version, the translation from Belgian to English had been tidied up. Also the inclusion of pictures made the text much easier to understand.

I had high hopes that this book might shed some new light on the 2012 Mayan end-point, but when the most fascinating part turned out to be a mistake, (the retrograde loops of Venus "code"), and the next most interesting item - the discovery (by overlaying sky maps onto a map of Egypt) that the "astronomical Labyrinth" (the Hyades) corresponds to the already known position of the Labyrinth building - also turned out to be wrong; that only left a French translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (or Chapter 17 of it, anyway), that has been partly translated into English (by a Belgian), and may contain codes about a catastrophe.

On the plus side, the book gives us access to part of a rare translation of Chapter 17 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, encoding 3 catastrophes, (for which, as I said above, David Pratt has found corroboration in the Dendera zodiac). On the negative side, there is alot of misinformation in the book, but at least it does not add much to any anxiety we might have about the World ending soon.

When we're ready for another brilliant game, Geryl promises us (p.171), that when we read his "unbelievably accurate" decoding of the Dresden codex, in his next book, that we "will be almost shocked to death". I look forward to it.

I spent much of Sunday noon, at the Border's bookstore, thoughly browsing this book.
Sobering!! If he is right, 99%...PLUS of humanity will be dead, by the time that this event is over with!
*if* he, Patrick Geryl, is right!
----the Review that I also link to, go read all of it....Says he is wrong in his math.

My take on this, sports fans?!
...That there is some "event" of some sort, concerned with the Mayan/aztec/toltec 2012 date! But not necessarily with the exact 2012 date!
[I recall a very out of print book that I read around the 70s when the "carlos casstenada" books were out; I read, in this book, about how a older student, visiting Mexico, was introduced, and INITIATED into the mayan mysteries, by a
Shaman and his friends. They are the currant "keepers" of the Tradition of the Mayans/Aztec/toltecs. They too, I read, have a Time of the change and the Chief Shaman told this student that..."The records are true, but that the white man has the date to be slightly WRONG! The Change event is earlier than that 2012 date"!
I wish that I could remember what that date is, that the shaman told of!!
this date was a few years before 2011/12 and even as early as 2005!! I cannot even recall the title of this book, 30 years later!]


while I agree in a sort of "principle' with Geryl, I find fault with his math *and*
of the Tone of the book. The "Tone" that I read, is...."The righteous Payback for all of the western man's mis-use of the land, the ecology, the world"!
in a word..."puritanism"! "ye have Sinned and now it is time to pay the piper"!

I do not believe that. I do not feel that we all are to be "punished", if such a earth change is to take place!

there is yet another critique that I can add, to most of these books that study ancient civilizations, finding patterns that infer the end times are coming:
They study the ancient ways in a MATERIALIST approach! They do not sense that there is a Spirit reality, in addition to the physical reality! Even if they do think that the spirit world exists, they may think that the spirit planes have nothing to do with the physical plane, that is...That the spirit plane cannot "interact" with the physical earth, and change, affect, and alter it!
Anyone who studies the native American traditions of the "gods not being pleased with the ways of the villagers not keeping the Ancient ways, thus bringing a sickness, or Tidal wave [tsunami], will sense how the Gods interact with the earth and mankind! One can only go back to Greece and "Mt Olympus" to sense this Gods/man interaction! All old cultures Know this: that the Spirits [gods] and man are interrelating, and that the Spirits can affect the outcome of a "earthchange"!
*most* of these researchers seem to ignore this Tradition! Be like of a
material engineer studying magnets, as a "physical object only"; but not magnetism!
our "superstitions" about how our Lord and Jesus could be displeased with our sins, ala "sodom and Gomorra", and Do Something Terrible to us, in Karmic retribution, come from this tradition!
thus *if* this tradition has any validity, for anyone who believes this "interaction of the spirits[gods], and mankind", they should begin to look at the Recent tsunami in SE Asia, in this light": *could* there be a Spirit counterpart at work, in the Causes of this catastrophe?!

But I feel that any "earth changes", in "2012", or whenever, have more to do with the
"end of the School Year" for mankind: GRADUATION....Then of any "judgment" for sins committed! Our "mis-used" earth, is just a tired classroom, near the end of the School Year, when all of the supplies are nearly used up, and the floor is dirty and the paint is flaking on the walls. While a "reconstruction" may be needed between one school year and another [the new race to come, the next Cycle of the 25,000 Zodiac], this is NOT "punishment", it is merely a Rest for the planet earth!
we all will have then "Ascended" into the next level of Racial school: on to Collage in the Spirit worlds!