Monday, January 03, 2005

Well hello everyone. It is now the 3rd of January, and on my walk to this library from the 7 am coffee shop the newspaper boxes on the corner still gave the news-aftershocks, of the Quake.
"140,000 dead"
"it will takes years and years, if EVER, for the people to heal"!


well last night I went and got my dream journal out and I found some *REAL* unsettling news, sports fans!
for one, I mis-read the entries and then posted dream writings *on* what I thought was the real entries and thus got it all wrong: now I have to repost, rewrite everything that I said before, reposing in all the email lists, all over again!
I really want to set the record straight, on this.
plus...I found even MORE interesting stuff, stuff that I cannot validate, but it is surely very *very* interesting.

the MAY 9TH 2004 dream!!
---in my dream I sat with a psychic! Yes once in awhile I do this, in my dreams, once I had my tarot cards read in my dreams where I sat with a lady. In all of these dreams, all five or so of them, over the years, anything that is "revealed" in them, to me, I had BETTER pay attention and to accept the "reading" as it is very very "true" for me, either in prediction for me, or of some advice that I *must* follow for my future!
I sat down in a room and she told that that I will have this reading. She gave it then, by sort of going into a "channeling trance' and then she spoke.
1...She told me what I looked like, as I would visit the astral, spirit, worlds! She showed to me a picture of my self as I looked to the 'residents" there.
[frazzy white hair, short...Not like "me" at all, the earth me]
2...She said..."By this time [may 9th] next year you will be living in a place that is now way way beyond anything that you can now possibly imagine"
3...In the year to come, there will be a MAJOR earth ecological disaster, a huge one.

SECOND: the dream of going to the school.
---this dream was a week later, around the middle of may of 2004. This is that dream where I went to a astral school of some sort. It looked SO much like of my high school that at first I thought that it was my high school, a "psychological' dream! During that month of may, I seemed to be going to this school several times a week, thus there were several entries in my journal over this school. I eventually noted, in these dreams, that the school had huge windows out onto a Land of beauty and clear skies and then the walls and rooms looked a bit "new age" in looks: I realized that this school was/is a school for Souls, in the spirit lands.
I never saw a classroom of students though! The halls and rooms were all empty, as if this school really is set up for the future incoming souls!
I recall only two dreams, that I wrote up.
1.....I wandered the halls until I came to a corner where a man came up to me to tell me something, the first person that I have seen here. A short man in a orange robe. One might think "he" was a woman, or of the Afro race!
he says....Any anger that you have over politics and worldly things
[as you walk about the streets] means nothing, do not indulge.....Words to that effect! ?????-who is he??
probably a man called Sathya Sai Baba!!
2....The second dream I wandered through the empty halls and rooms. I eventually got to what looked to be a small "private" library of one of the Administrators there. In my "vague dream state" I could not go read the books on the shelves on the wall! But there was a round table with a book on it and that book I could look at. The title seemed to infer that it was a "calendar planning book" that executives use to plan the days ahead, for the year.
the name of the book???
"Satya Sai baba's planning book"!
[why that man was Sai baba!]
----so here was his personal memo book for the year ahead!!! I have and had no idea *where* this book was directed to! Was it for the school's astral "year"?! Was it
for the earth plane where he Needs to have a "reminder' as to what will occur there?!
probably BOTH!
I glanced through it, noting even in the dream that I have often in my life found Obscure and amazing books that were "left" on library tables by other patrons, over the years!
each page had a day, with a large blank section for "what to do". Most were blank, except for the date. When I came to about January 25th or 28th [2005], I found some writing, probably by Sai baba himself!
so what did it say, sports fans?? I probably did not write down the exact sentence, when I woke up, but here it is, the Memo!

Jan 25th [26,27,28th...Somewhere around here!]-----The [day of] day of the Great change when one Age rolls over to the next Age"!

that is all there was!! I have no idea as to if this "event" occurs only in the spirit world, or on earth on in both! Neither do I know if this is just a "silent"
event, symbolistic-only, or does it have to have "fireworks" and "volcanoes" in attendance!! Maybe no a single thing will happen on that day, as far as the earth goes, maybe this is a spirit-only event.
But, sports fans...This one sentence is worth about a million tons of dynamite, let alone a A-bomb, worth of "News", to those who follow the "rollover of the ages"
this low key thing *would* be how a Master might state it! For him, deaths of 40 billion people might be of an "slight inconvenience" as there is no death!! Thus no
"six inch headlines"! But again, maybe not even one bird will even trill a song, on that moment, on the earthplane, a quiet changing of the guard of Time.

maybe this is what this school is for!! The "after" souls. After the Change.
but the earthly concern, by you the reader of this, sports fans, is that
a...Is Sai baba "real", and is he who he says/they say he is??
b...Will their be "reflections" on the earth, on that date[s]?

so this Memo "stands"....Maybe someone here who reads this article could post or comment or reply or mail me, about this, if he/she has anything to add or to comment!

jan 3 2005