Monday, January 31, 2005

A post to a political interest yahoo listgroup!

hi all...

I usually post in the 'earthchange" section, but after yet another hearing about and yet another reading about....The liberal left
yet again bashing Bush, I got to wonder....

seems the liberal left is mostly concerned with "taking down the old
structures", I sense.

Bulldozers might be needed to remove an old building, but bulldozers make poor construction Tools for to build something new with!

I was also wandering, too, just what positive actions that the Left has for our Earth, our ecology, the resources.

in my Adult autism, I think in pictures, I cannot understand "politics" too well, but I see in my mind the "Naked Emperor", which is that I sense the collective leftist groups
do not have a positive program! Tic obvious to me that most of the
posters on the college bulletin boards, here at Florida state and Cornell university [called the Berkeley of the east, not only because of the hills!] post in thick black ink, with angry block characters; these people are aaaaa...nnnngry and want to tear down the old conservativeness Now! Angry fists raised to the sky, raised against nearly everything that is of "Commerce"...Capitalism...Imperialists....Religion...
[in a liberal Methodist church, next to SIU southern Illinois university, there was a room, a library, called by some the "RED ROOM"
["red"...As in 'communist pinko"!]. Full of socialist books. One day I was walking by it and I got to talk for a minute to someone in this room, he was SO angry about all of the capitalist system, anger more than oozing out of every word pronounced. I left quick!

ex....CUSE me, sports fans! This is not a positive Policy to live by!
you cannot grow your garden by "watering" the plants with a flamethrower!

I would like to know what positive philosophies the liberal left would have us Americans to live by, in our daily lives day by day, year by year?!

remove fascist Bush, they say...
but what should we all vote for to have in his place? I voted for Kerry, but that vote was "lukewarm" as I felt that there was no real platform there! The Democrats, in general, seem more interested in taking down the "monster", than in having a good "carrot on a stick" for us all to follow, or of a Platform to have us live by!

so what would the liberal left want us all to have as a way to live, if they got "elected"?!!
???...The way of Peter Singer perhaps?

basically I have trouble imaging, imagining, how we all would live, in America, if the liberal left were in power, let alone the Democrats!

---an example!

by Paul Levy

Psychologically speaking, Mr. George W. Bush is what is called a
Â?malignant narcissist.Â? A "
--end of example.

this might be true, but then what, if He were to be removed?!

If there are no positive platforms, by the liberal left, something that I, an Autistic, can visualize, then removing a "Bush" might be like removing Cuba's Batistia, only to have a Castro replace him!!

this Question almost might seem to be "troll bait", as I have often read vague positive actions scattered here and there, so why do I ask this?
...It is that I just want to read of some positive Left philosophy, in one place, or of a link to such a place, a place where there are NO "angry fists" about "overcoming' or 'tearing down"
ie...A faded bumper sticker, from Cornell-ic Ithaca NY, in the middle 90s, when I lived near there in my hometown, a faded sticker from some long-ago campaign.


just what, sports fans, would and could be the REPLACEMENT for these carols?!

any positive platforms, please, posters?!!