Thursday, January 06, 2005

---in response to a mailing list that infers that the tidal wave was done by the Lord as a punishment for our collective Sins!

I have often read articles that say...."oh you overeat and are FAT, you deserve to die young of suffering, as you have sinned!"
"God punishes the wicked".
"rightious revenge sayeth the Lord"!
"cleansing must be done"
"we are having fun, the weather is warm and sunny. the Payment is Due, one cannot have fun without paying the price, a record breaking cold wave will freeze everything dead soon"!
I see life as in my article from my yahoo site, below. we all are learning how to draw and thus we have to make mistakes, *must* make mistakes...[read:SIN!]. the only way to learn how to live or to paint is to have it open to make mistakes at any moment! the "judgement" is only in the corrective learning action, that has us to know that "such a line in that drawing is not so good, and maybe the next time i will do it better"!
life SHOULD be rich and full as that is the vibrations of heaven, the higher the heaven the better the vibes and the richer the Life-in-spirit! thus it should be a "no-brainer" that the better I incalcate, internalize, this high vibrational reality into my daily life of what i feel, think, do, the better my life will become, in my future, and in my heaven-future! thus the more "art poetry, music, beauty, understanding, goodness, love" that i have in my soul, when i die, the better will be my afterlife!
"judgement" to me really means..."evaluation"! thus a kind of social-work jargon for this would be "psycho-social evaluation"!
a POSITIVE judement is then posible, where that terrible sounding
word "judgement" loses that awful coloration that seems to be a halmark of Dogmatic religions! thus one can be judged, at the afterlife judgement seat, to be found to be "successful in the life earth missions, growth of soul...etc, and then have a judgement of having a rich variety of heavenly opportunities then
become open for you, after death.
as the Geia people might infer that the earth is a living Being, if this is so, then the earth itself is under this karmic law, of growth! the counsciouness of the earth is growing and needs to make mistakes and to learn from them too!
sometimes, i think, people who judge in the "old way", by saying...
"you did so-and-so, you DESERVE to have a hurricane wipe out your house", what they sometimes really mean, i think, is this:..."you
have a better house than i have and you got it through one half the work that i did to get mine [you did not SUFFER like i did!], thus I envey your "ill-gotten" house, so you deserve to have it ruined as you do not deserve it as you did not suffer like i did to get mine"! is a copy of some of my article...

kids draw

I live in a very small Upstate New York town. Very
The Grade school playground looks out onto the corn
fields...pine trees
flank one side of it.
I often walk out to this playground, after supper;
there, i can see the
open sky and smell
the fresh air.
Here it was had been in session
only a week or so.
The tennis court had just been paved with nice fresh
tar only a week ago,
and none of the lines or
netting had been replaced yet. I walked over to
it...i could see how nice
and pure black it was.
But on this evening's walk, i could see some markings
upon the tar.
I could see, as i came near ...chaulk drawings on it.
I took a closer look..
Yes------some very creative second grade teacher had
just that afternoon,
taken her class
outdoors, on this nice day----and she marked off
six-foot squares, in
chaulk. Then she gave
each kid a handfull of colored chaulk....and then
assigned them all to the
fresh black pavement.
One square per kid; to draw a drawing and sign their
Now, here, i came across the 7 pm result, of this
Drawings.i could see---- maybe thirty colored
drawings. One per student.
MY!...what a difference between them! Some were drawn
with great care
and of great talent...some were done in haste...and
some drawings were only
of a cuss-word or two, and maybe some sharp angry
jagged lines. A social
might call these angry kids "dysfunctional"!
And----i recognized most of the last names. These
were the Children of
all the
townspeople...people that i grew up with.
As i stood admiring a couple of Very talented
drawings...done by some
of my relative's children....
---A Spiritual inspiration came to me!!
---As if these children were the SOULS of the
townspeople, and what was
drawn out, was an
_expression of the Quality of these Souls! ---as if
the whole of their years
of living their lives,
were summerized, somehow, in these drawings!
I took this analogy further....
In second grade, one is learning how to draw...after
all, kids are
kids!----half-ripe fruit can only
HINT at the fullness of the taste, of its
ripeness-to-come, in time.
They WILL make mistakes!
Ya learn art..or doing.
One earns how to the very act of drawing.
Same as with life!
No one will "go to Hell'..for their sins or mistakes.
We are Artists....on
the lower levels of
spirit..Learning How To Draw. Someday..we all will
to becoming , I guess..what the Bible says..."to
become Co-creators, with his
heaven celestial, with Him"!!
But right now....we are just beginning.
We must be free to try anything!
Do anything!
It is "OK"!! It is ok to make mistakes and to "mess
up" the drawings! If
feedback-from-life, is
needed---life will, in due time, supply this------as
Soul reality
follows laws and rules--Spiritual laws and rules.
Many call these rules..."KARMA"!....or, "dharma.
Thus, if mistakes are, itself, will give
to us some feedback.
So---we all ought to become as creative as
must be the very at the very heart of what constitutes
"one's Soul"!
So i salute all you Creative people out there..trying
New..Something Different---not
afraid of Censure by others or of failure. This the late
must be of a "Golden Age"...of Trying Something New"! Enrich the collective Oversoul of Mankind,
through all this diversity
of Creations.
As i surf the net...i see many very creative posts
and sites...I am
utterly amazed!.
In my little room, on Main Street.....Interlaken..pop
---I have a window upon things that were not even
DARED to be thought
alone the 1950s!!!
the highest highs..the lowest lows...are of a mouse
click away!
But who but Spirit can say what is "good" art...or of
"bad" art!
"White and Black needs to be next to each
other"---even just to show these
sentences of PRINT!!
"We all need a Pole Star, to align our Compasses by:
if the compass is held
closely to our
Iron belt-buckle,......this compass will only point to
I do not sense a "earth judgement" there!!
why even if the age rolls over, our collective death is NOT required to happen all at once!!
"rapture in slow motion" is what i call this, sports fans!!
if we all have been living in the times of the Change, 1960...2004, like that window program that says..."change will not take effect until you re-boot, do you wish to reboot now: yes? no?"
...then each of us can go on living, til 70 or 90 years old, even, then when death takes us to the new heaven, the Changes will take effect!
thus a "collective ascention" , at one time, is not needed!
each of us could then arrive by death, not by "earthchanges"!
this is why i do not hold to the "rightious judgement" idea!
have a good day....